Wonderful Organisation

In today’s hectic world, the old adage that time is precious rings truer than ever. Generosity with time is both valued and valuable, so it’s especially wonderful to do something you love and help others in the process.

Here’s what we’re building

The Wonderful Organisation will help you give a little time and share your skills and expertise. Whether you’re a piano teacher, fitness instructor, dog walker, plumber, electrician – or offer any kind of service – we’ll list it on our site at your normal commercial rates.

You will choose how much time you’d like to give. It may be a one-off event, an hour each month, each week or more. You’ll decide. But you won’t get paid. Instead, 100% of the payment for any service booked through the Wonderful Organisation website or mobile app will go to charities chosen by you and your customer.

How will we do this?

We are a non-profit business. What’s more, NOBODY at The Wonderful Organisation is paid for their work and the development, hosting, payment processing and customer service will be provided free of charge by individuals and businesses that have chosen to get involved. Our guiding principal is that EVERYBODY working with the organisation – from accounting services to public relations and marketing – must do so on a pro bono basis, either via temporary secondment or day release. This will ensure that the ONLY people to benefit from your generosity are your customers and the charities you choose to support.

Will you be Wonderful?

If you’d like to get involved – either with the operation of the organisation or as a wonderful service provider – please contact Kieron James.