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In 2014, we'll be launching a range of FREE services for students and teachers which not only give back, but extend our love of yoga and meditation, to a fully inclusive community. Our Spaces initiative and the work of our NFP, the Wonderful Foundation, are just the beginning, so... register your interest today!

Our Mission

To create online and smartphone applications which offer the same ease and flow you strive for in your daily practice; to provide all the tools you need to expand your yoga business and to ensure they're simple to use; to guarantee that every class booked and every mat sold - indeed every transaction made through our website - contribute to the Wonderful Foundation. More

Kino MacGregor, Wonderful President

Kino MacGregor, President

Book Yoga and Meditation Classes on your Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet with Wonderful Times


Time's precious, so isn't it wonderful that you won't need to sacfrice much to find a suitably qualified yoga or meditation teacher! We've teamed up with Yoga Alliance UK to bring you details of qualified teachers, studio locations and schedules.

Very soon you'll be able to book classes directly from here along with our easy to use iPhone and iPad apps. We're busy filling our database and creating spiffing new micro sites for every teacher so you'll have everything you need. More

Donate or Receive a Space in a Yoga or Meditation Class with our Spaces Initiative


Life doesn't always treat us kindly. So, if you're in a positive place right now, why not share your love of yoga and meditation with somebody who could use a free class?

A Wonderful Space is a place in a class paid for by one person but attended by someone else (perhaps somebody who can't afford to pay for a class right now). Add a Space to your next booking and bring the deep and lasting benefits of these wonderful practices to somebody new. More

Yoga and Meditation Videos and Live Streamed Classes


We're busy building the go-to repository for yoga and meditation video guides - from the main disciplines (e.g. Ashtanga, Iyengar, etc.) to highly specific sequences such as hip openers, yoga for sports, pregnancy yoga and so on.

Wonderful presenter, Dani Abulhawa, is currently filming documentaries and chat shows and we'll be streaming live classes with yoga and meditation A-list teachers right here! More

Yoga and Meditation Forums, Blogs, Social Media and More


It's all about sharing - knowledge, opinions, news, photos and videos and the Wonderful Community will host all the tools you need.

Our Blog will feature regular posts from Wonderful teachers and students about all aspects of yoga and meditation. There will be a forum for discussion and debate, links and feeds from our social pages on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube and an extensive yoga asana knowledge base. More

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