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Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO

Pennine Pen Animal Rescue CIO has been in operation since 2001, serving the needs of the local community, and is the only independent charity in Oldham that caters for both cats and dogs. The charity also works in partnership with other animal welfare organisations to offer sanctuary to unwanted or abandoned animals by providing them with a second chance in life.

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 1170490

Kirima Ltd

Great Lakes High School, UgandaSecuring the FutureThis is the fundraising page for the 2019 Highgate School & LAE Tottenham Sponsored Walk which raises funds to support Great Lakes High School.The school is in a very deprived area of rural Uganda where there is a great need for a good quality secondary school. The school was built from scratch in 2007 - the site was just an empty field - and is now a thriving establishment providing a science based education for 300 girls and boys from year 7 through to 'A' Levels.Funds from the walk are vital to support the school and secure its future.We are determined to continue our vital support to our sibling school in Kirima and this year, we hope to raise at least £80,000 to improve the teaching and learning experience in the school and secure its long-term sustainability:a. Improvements to the children's nutrition (GLHS students currently eat posho and beans twice a day)b. Improved science provision through full time teachers and replenished laboratory suppliesc. A library and information technology resource to develop a love of reading and researchd. A fund dedicated to repair, renovation and refurbishment of the existing buildings When making donations, select the name of the UK charity "Kirima Ltd" which ensures that the funds are properly used in Uganda. 100% of your donation will be spent on the High School, with no admin costs.You can read more at

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 1128290

Darul Qurra and Islamic Research Centre

Darul Qurra and Islamic Research Centre was inaugurated in 2013, with the aim of catering for the educational and spiritual needs of the local community in Sparkhill and further afield. Darul Qurra’s primary work over the last few years has revolved around teaching the Qur’an with correct elocution (Tajweed) from beginner to advance level, Farsi and Arabic Grammar, Traditional Dars Nizami (Alim Course) and its very own, highly-acclaimed and officially-accredited Arabic Phonology Course. Further to this, the establishing of the five daily-prayers with congregation and the Jumuah Prayer at the premises has catered for anything up to around 40 people during each prayer time and over 250 people every Friday, the latter of whom partake in two separate congregations to do the prayer hall teaching its max capacity on each occasion.Since its inauguration in 2013, Darul Qurra has earned itself much repute and prestige amongst scholars and teachers of the Qur'an and it has seen innumerable visits from various local, national and world-renowned scholarly personalities and reciters, most notably, the prolific author, thinker and educationalist, Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, the Former Pakistani Minister for Religious Affairs and Head of the celebrated DMG Bhera Sharif, Shaykh Muhammad Amin al-Hasanat Shah al-Qureshi, Sheikh Yasser Abdul Basit Abdus Samad, al-Sheikh Sayyid Faseehuddin al-Soharwardi and Ustadh al-Qurra al-Sheikh Abu Asim Abdul Shafi al-Mashoot. Shaykh Abu Asim is one of only three reciters officially certified to recite on Egyptian television and radio, as well as a former teacher in the prestigious Al-Azhar University and a visiting teacher in Darul Qurra.Over 500 learners worldwide have completed the Darul Qurra Ijaza programs, in different subjects in the calender year ending 2018.

Read more... Registered Charity Number: 1171449
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