How to Raise Money for Charity at Work

By Carmen James

10 Nov 17

Get creative and effective ideas for fundraising in your workplace. There are countless ways you can make a difference with your work colleagues!

Fundraising in the Workplace

When it comes to raising money at your workplace you enable your organisation to make a difference within the community, as well as strengthening bonds amongst colleagues. However, with so many different ways to raise money, deciding what sort of fundraising activity suits your workplace can be tricky. The variety of activities that can be undertaken is huge, whether its a coast-to-coast cycle ride or spending the night on the streets as a homeless person. But if you're looking for a fundraising activity thats specifically suited to the workplace, we are here to help!

Below we have compiled a list of some fun and creative ideas through which to raise money for charity at work:

The Great Office Bake Off

One certain weekly television show seems to have caused a small explosion in amateur bakers around the country. After all, we all love to satisfy our sweet tooth and there are bound to be a couple of secret bakers in your office. Pick a date for your bake-off and send an email around to your co-workers calling any star bakers to enter the competition. Then follow up with invitation emails to all members of staff, asking them to join you in eating some delicious cakes and judging the winner. Charging per slice, invite guests to try each entry and judge the winner - its is an excellent way to raise some money for a worthy cause. If you dont want to go all out with a competition, simply invite colleagues to bake whatever they can and take a donation for each treat.

Pack a Lunch for Charity

Organise a day where staff are encouraged to make a packed lunch to bring into work. When it comes to lunchtime everyone has a wide selection of lunch boxes to choose from and instead of grabbing a bite to eat outside of work, they will donate whatever they would have spent at a cafe or supermarket to a chosen charity. This is a great way to fundraise and also offers the perfect opportunity to try something different to eat. Its easy to donate to a charity of your choice too, with online fundraising platforms like wonderful making it an effortless experience.

Casual Friday Fundraiser

If your staff are bound to a traditional res code youll be amazed at the lengths theyll go to for the chance to ditch their shirt and tie and wear their Levis and t-shirt to the office. Offer your staff the opportunity to slip into something more comfortable one Friday a month if they pay a small donation to charity. Send them the link to a fundraising site like wonderful so they can choose where their money goes. Alternatively, set up a fundraising page for a charity local to your workplace or to a cause that speaks to your business philosophy.

Gift-wrapping Elves that Give Back

Christmas is the time for giving - and if you're looking to raise money at this special time of year, doing a little gift wrapping can generate some cash for charity! Simply bring together the best present wrappers in your workplace and ask them to volunteer a days gift wrapping in return for a charity donation. Your colleagues can bring in their gifts, paying a small amount to charity for each item to be perfectly and beautifully wrapped. We all know that some of us are born handy with wrapping paper and sticky tape - while others are quite frankly hopeless! Kill two birds with one stone this Christmas, raising money for charity and receiving some gift wrapping pain for those less gifted with their hands.

Work in a Large Office? Why Not Bid for the Boss?

In a large organisation it can be difficult for managers and directors to spend time with every member of staff, making them feel far away or detached from the day to day. But why not auction off time slots with key business decision makers, so that any member of staff can bid for the chance to make their mark. They can ask for advice or suggest changes to how things are run. This way you can raise money for an important cause, whilst enhancing the internal communication in your workplace.

Discover Fundraising

There are so many ways to raise money for charity, both inside and outside of work. Check out our quick guide on how to raise money for charity to get started. There are lots of unique ways to make a difference to a cause that you care about.

While you're at it, make sure you know your options when it comes to fundraising online. There are ways to make sure every penny goes to charity.

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