Yes! We Really Would Walk (/Cycle/Run/Swim) Five Hundred Miles

By Elliot Green

10 Oct 17

In September 2017 one week was dedicated to raising money for good causes with Amazing challenges were set and thousands was raised, with every penny going to charity.

Last month got off to a buzzing start with the inaugural wonderful week taking place from the 2nd to the 10th of September. Thanks to the many efforts of lots of generous, active folk, tonnes of money was raised for worthy charity causes.

With so much having gone on, all across the country - and beyond - it was difficult to keep up to speed with everything. So here's a quick run down of the wonderful things fundraisers were up to. And it isn't too late to sponsor people for all their hard work - now that you know they've actually put the effort in! Links to each fundraising page can be found with the descriptions below.

Ex pro footballer Phil Neville and his family were a particularly busy bunch, covering a collective distance of 100 miles in a fitness-kick involving running, swimming, and biking. Their considerable efforts were more than worthwhile, as they more than doubled their fundraising target for the Good Life Orphanage and its ajoining SBM school. Visit the Team Neville fundraising page to donate.

Another huge name who jumped on board the Wonderful Week was Olympic champion Katie Archibald and her impressive WNT pro cycling team. They set themselves the huge distance of 1,500 miles between them to raise money for the Christie Hospital. Visit the Team WNT fundraising page now.

Team James also beat its milestone target of 100 miles. With an impressively speedy completion of the Great North Run from Kieron James, and lots of extra miles racked up in London, Paris, Marrakech, and Manchester by the rest of the family, over £500 was raised for the Christie Hospital. Submit your donation to the Christie via the James's fundraising page here.

Another wonderful and awe-inspiring team dubbed itself Sisters&Misters and cycled 450 miles in the Alps, the UK, and spinning classes at the gym over the course of the week to raise money for the Good Life Orphanage and the SBM school in Kenya. Some of the cycle routes even included climbs made famous by the Tour de France!

Team VG Marauders was keen not to miss out on all the action, and set itself the daunting task of donning Mobikes to cycle from Manchester city centre all the way to Liverpool's Albert Dock - and all the way back, covering the Trans Pennine Travel over around 60 miles. This was the journey they mapped out to try to raise as much money as possible for the Veterans Garage. With the Mobike, Manchester's bicycle sharing platform, providing their chosen method of transportation, the team was limited to an average speed of around 5mph, and an absolute maximum of 8mph. A few quick calculations show they had signed themselves up for at least 20 hours of gruelling cycling! In fact, after nearly ten hours in the saddle, the team made it to Liverpool docks, but by then found themselves physically incapable of hopping back onto their bikes and pedalling for more than ten hours more (it would surely take much longer on the way back once muscles were already horribly sore). Of course, Wonderful, the Veterans Garage, and the team themselves, were immensely proud and grateful of the momentous effort that the group put in, and there is no doubt they and their cause are still worthy of the kind donations they generated. You can still join those generous-hearted sponsors by clicking here.

Team Tekmark from the Manchester based digital agency also joined the ranks in a wonderful bid to raise money for Deafblind UK. They planned a sponsored hike around Lyme Park, a beautiful National Trust site with rolling hills - to provide both stunning scenery and challenging inclines. They managed to get the whole office involved, with a team of 9 fundraisers. You can show your support for this noble endeavour here.

All of these hard-working fundraisers can not only bask in the warm fuzzy glow (and endorphin buzz) of having done so much for charity, but also rest assured in the knowledge that 100% of the sponsorship they earned was passed directly to their chosen charities - not a penny was skimmed for logistical, clerical, technical, or even card-processing costs. That's because Wonderful operates on the basis of corporate sponsorship, which covers the expenses associated with taking payments over card. That's how Wonderful works. There's also specific information about corporate sponsorship provided here.

If you're interested in seeing why these wonderful people chosen to use Wonderful as their fundraising platform, it's pretty easy when you look at how Wonderful stacks up against the competition. You might be very surprised to see where your money has been going.

Following the Wonderful Week we would like to emphasise Wonderful founder Kieron James's sentiments of gratitude. As he said, we're so grateful of all the support and hard work from everybody who's got behind The Wonderful Week, and the efforts of every single fundraiser - from every mile walked to every cake baked. We look forward to many more successful fundraising events, continuing to raise even more money for charities in the future.

Make sure that next time, you and your team get involved, too! Think of how much you could really get done in a week, and how much good it could extend to other peoples lives through countless valuable causes.

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What makes us wonderful?

We recognise the selfless commitment made by fundraisers who train for months to run marathons, face their fears by jumping out of aeroplanes or open their homes to the community for charity bakes and coffee mornings. We believe the charities they support should receive EVERY PENNY from their fundraising efforts.

We also believe that Gift Aid (a scheme enabling charities to reclaim tax on donations made by UK taxpayers) should be directed IN FULL to the charities. This is why the Wonderful Organisation does not generate profit (or even cover costs) by deducting money from fundraisers' sponsors or Gift Aid contributions.

We are a non-profit organisation funded entirely by like-minded, philanthropic businesses. That's what makes us wonderful!

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