'Tis the Season for Giving: 11 Festive Fundraising Ideas

By Elliot Green

14 Dec 17

As the season of giving gets underway, take inspiration from some creative fundraising ideas, so you can give a little back this Christmas.

With Christmas around the corner, as well as the ever-crazier Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, most of us are spending like we rarely spend at any other point in the year. Usually, heavy spending might make us feel like this is when we can least afford to spare a little money for charity, but the festive period is a little different. The money we are spending tends to be on others, on giving presents to those we love. It seems this generosity gives us a little buzz, we become slightly hooked to the good feeling we get knowing that we have done something kind for somebody else. In fact, most people feel more charitable than ever.

And even if you really dont have any money left over after spoiling your well-deserving family and friends, you can still be the one to raise some funds for some worthy causes! And all while helping to get yourself into the festive spirit. So here are a few ideas to spread some cheer and some kindness this holiday season.

1) Get Crafty

Why not make some of your own Christmas decorations to sell in your community and make a few quid for a charity close to your heart? Using natural materials, you could sell some mistletoe, holly, ivy, or evergreen fronds. You could even make your own Christmas wreaths! Or make some baubles for people to hang up on their trees - there are plenty of handy guides and different designs to choose from!

2) Get Cooking

No holiday (or month) is so closely associated with so many tasty treats, so you wont struggle to put some of that indulgence to good use and raise some money for charity. You don't even need to be a star baker. If you don't have a lot of time or skills, you could sell roasted chestnuts, a warming wintery snack which few people can resist. Or you could try your hand at baking some mince pies, or some simpler Christmas cookies or cupcakes. Candy canes are even easier, and always popular! Take it a little further and create some pretty party-bag style sets of goodies to sell as stocking fillers or simply as a treat to keep people energised as they finish their Christmas shopping.

3) Get Wrapping

If you're good with your hands, you could save people from a task that some people dread and loathe: wrapping their presents.Set up a stand with a selection of wrapping papers, ribbons, tags, and bags, and you'll be ready for action.

4) Sing Your Heart Out

One very traditional way to raise funds around Christmas is to go out singing carols, either in a public space or door to door. Or take it a little further (and give the public more of a choice) and follow the lead of the ten choirs who have joined forces to release a charity album.

5) Make Your Own Grotto

If you have the time and resources, you could set up a Santa's Grotto, or plan a Brunch with Father Christmas. You can sell tickets to make money, and you'll undoubtedly end up having a lot of fun even organising the event, let alone getting to attend. Maybe it will even be you who can wear the costume!

6) Run a Christmas Fair

You can even extend your event into a full-blown fair, where other people can sell their own wares and possibly make some money for a few other charities, too. Although this will take some organisation, its definitely do-able - just consider this church in Belmont which is creating its own Christmas market to raise money for reparations.

7) Or Just Run

Santa Dashes have been an increasingly popular tradition for a while, and are a great way for big groups of people to raise lots of lots of funds for good causes. You can take a look at some of the many which have already been organised to see if you'd like to join, or set up your own!

8) Put Together a Calendar

Take your cue from the incomparable Helen Mirren and Julie Walters and make some calendars which you can sell to help people get organised for the new year. This is an opportunity to really be creative, you can pick any theme you like!

9) Put Your Empathy to the Test

If you're really keen to do a lot of good this Christmas time, you could take a leaf out of Julie Wilson's book and spend a night sleeping rough, as so many people will really have to do throughout the festive period.

10) Stick a Hat on

NSPCC has dubbed the 10th of December Bobble Hat Day, a day on which you can wear a cosy hat to work or school, donating some money to the NSPCC in return.

11) Make Your Own Advent Calendars

This is another one that might take a bit of extra work, but could be a great way to raise huge funds for charity. You could stick to tradition and put sweet treats in for each day, or pick a different theme for your calendars. Anything from different seeds for children to plant each day, to beauty products, to cheeses or samples of jam could prove really popular. Think about the community you're targeting and what people might most want, or make a whole different selection!

These are just some of the infinite festive ways that you and your loved ones could make the most of the heightened generosity that comes around this time of your and pass on some of that goodwill to causes which really need the funds. Whatever you decide to do, remember to use Wonderful.org to collect your donations - its the only fundraising platform in the UK which wont charge any fees whatsoever. Its the only way to guarantee that every penny your efforts raise reach your chosen charities. And no matter what you're doing, make sure that you remember to have fun, enjoy the time you spend together, and revel in the joy of knowing you're spreading real goodwill in the world.

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