Contactless charity boxes are set to be rolled out across a number of charities after a successful trial of the technology proved to draw in large quantities of donations from those of us who prefer to travel without cash.

Organisations such as the NSPCC and Oxfam have carried out trials of boxes fitted with wireless receivers over the course of recent months. This will mean that the common excuse of "sorry, no change" will no longer be an issue. This seemed to be a major culprit after a YouGov survey found that one in seven people walked away from a donation claiming to have no cash on them, costing charities £80m a year. This action comes as a bid to counteract fears that being part of an increasingly cashless society could have seriously detrimental effects on charities and the number of donations they receive.

Cash payment is rapidly declining in Britain following the growth of contactless technology, with most of us preferring to quickly pay for our lunch with a simple tap of their card rather than counting out cash and hanging around for change, or fumbling about entering our PIN numbers.

According to Barclaycard, which is responsible for developing the new donation boxes, contactless spending increased by 166% last year, with more than half of UK adults now making a contactless transaction at least once a month.

Barclaycard trialled one hundred of the boxes across 11 different charities, including Barnardos, Oxfam, The Royal British Legion and the NSPCC in September 2016. Initially, payment is pre-set at £2 but donors are given the option to donate any amount they wish. The NSPCC claims that their average donation given via contactless box was £3.07, which is over three times higher than the typical £1 given in cash. In addition, for those of us who are feeling particularly generous, the boxes are also fitted with Chip & PIN terminals to process higher value payments which are above the £30 contactless limit.

Paulette Rowe from Barclaycard said: "Feedback from the trial has been extremely positive; our charity partners told us the boxes were simple to use, adaptable to a variety of situations and vital in securing donations where it may not have been possible before. We are proud to use our payments expertise once again to open up more opportunities for fundraising, and are excited to work with the charities to help them adapt the technology to best suit their needs."

With ease and speed being clear factors in the number of donations made, Wonderful also want to ensure that charities are not missing out. As a result of this, Wonderful has incorporated Apple Pay as an option to donate, meaning that the power to donate to your favourite charities is at the touch of a finger.


Whilst we don't currently offer free contactless payment hardware through, we already offer fundraisers' sponsors the opportunity to pay by Apple Pay and we try to be at the forefront of fundraising technical developments. We've received many enquiries about this service as a result of the blog post. If it's something you'd like to see us roll out, please drop us a note via our Helpdesk.