Fundraising events are an extremely popular way in which to raise money for great causes. Though raising money for your favourite charity sounds like a great idea, their can also be a lot of work required in order to do so. But do not worry, here is a quick and easy guide, giving you a number of ways in which you can raise money, ensuring that both you and the charity are doing great things.

1) Getting started

First, you will need to choose a charity that you wish to support. The best way to pick a charity is to find a cause that you feel passionate about. The stronger you feel about what a charity represents, the more drive you will have to raise money for them. For example, if you're an animal lover, back an animal cruelty charity. You may already have a charity in mind. Be sure to make it really clear to people why your chosen charity means so much to you.

Having chosen your charity it can be a good idea to get in contact with them in order to gather more information on how to go about fundraising. This can often be a huge benefit for those wishing to raise money for charities, as many will offer their fundraisers tools such as official merchandise (like stickers and t-shirts) to help them raise money. Different charities may be better suited to certain ways of fundraising, so find out what's best for your chosen charity.

2) Look for organised fundraiser events

The explosion of organised fundraising events in recent years has meant there are lots of ways for you to get out there and raise awareness for your cause. There are literally thousands of organised events held throughout the year, and many of these are designed to be challenging for fundraisers. Its about showing people how much your charity means to you. A large number of charities hold and organise events themselves, such as Minds Run for Mind. See if your charity has anything in the pipeline. Besides, charities arent the only ones to benefit from such events - setting yourself a challenge such as your first long distance walk or run has been known to spark life-changing healthy lifestyle changes, with excellent opportunities to meet like-minded people.

3) Alternatively, hold your own fundraiser

Not everyone wants to take part in a big run, whether that be because exercising isnt their cup of tea, or because they dont like huge crowds. Either way it shouldnt to stop you! As Age UK explains, fundraising is for everyone, and the most important thing is that you, the fundraiser, are comfortable and happy to be doing what youre doing. Play to your strengths! If you are someone who loves to be in the kitchen making delicious treats, hold a charity bake sale! They are easy to organise, whether that be at school or in your office, and your colleagues and classmates wont be able to resist temptation!

4) Online fundraising - getting the money to your charity

This is the bit thats close to our hearts here at Wonderful. Having chosen your charity, and decided how youre going to raise money, how do you go about collecting your donations and ensuring every penny reaches your charity? Today, the most popular method involves using an online fundraising platform. But its really important to keep in mind that not all fundraising sites were created equal - some even operate for-profit! Believe it or not, in most cases a percentage of the money that you raise will end up in the hands of the online site, and wont be passed through to your charity. Even if the platform simply takes a small amount to cover their costs, or as a payment processing charge, youll still be losing a cut on every donation you receive. Some fundraising sites even take a fraction of your donations Gift Aid in order to fund their operations. Essentially this means that a £10 donation eligible for Gift Aid should generate £12.50 for the charity, but with most online fundraising platforms, it doesnt.

However, Wonderful ensures that every last penny raised by fundraisers is passed onto charities. We dont deduct a single penny from donations to fund our service as 100% of our costs are covered by generous corporate sponsors. At Wonderful we dont charge charities to use the platform either. In essence were 100% giving, and we think thats how fundraising should be.

So what are you waiting for? Get fundraising now at Creating a fundraising page has never been more straightforward and rewarding for both yourself and the charities you choose to support. Dont Just Give Be Wonderful!