All of us want to do our bit to help the causes close to our hearts and ensure that they have as much funding as possible. But not everybody has the guts to jump out of a plane or the legs to run a marathon - so how else can we get involved?

Well, there are actually thousands of ways in which you could get organised to raise some money for worthy charities! Whether youre working alone, or getting a bunch of pals together to do some good, there really is something for all abilities, interests, time constraints

Luckily, theres a whole week dedicated to honouring the commendable efforts of thousands of volunteers, and last month from 1st-7th June, Volunteers Week 2017 celebrated the huge variety of selfless activities undertaken by individuals around the country. Looking at some of the activities which people have completed in aid of lots of different charities is truly inspiring, and reminds us that there really is no good reason for anybody to say that they can't volunteer for the things that matter to them. Volunteers Week shows us a number of inspiring case studies from individual volunteers, and each story is truly unique.

Video gaming

One man even volunteered by playing his favourite video game! Over the past three years, he has raised £150,000 by live-streaming himself playing the popular online multiplayer game Runescape, passing money onto Macmillan. As he plays, Adam Lyne live streams his activity to a huge audience, and gives tips and lessons to those who are new to the game. Since 2014, when he began his endeavours, he has become gaming ambassador for Macmillan. So if you like gaming, you could put it to a noble use! It might reduce some of the nagging you might be enduring

Pet fostering

Another man volunteers by fostering for Battersea Dogs and Cats home - he looks after animals in need and gives them a loving home until they find something more permanent. There are plenty of people who are already doing this with other peoples pets, many even paying to look after animals for a short period of time Why not do it for animals who have nowhere else to go?

Political activism, empowerment, and community engagement

You could also follow the example of a young woman who campaigned to encourage her peers to get out and vote recently, and simply work to build up support and action for causes that you think need more attention! Inspired by her school teachers in her early years, Lizzie Beale became passionate about making peoples voices heard, and is now involved in a number of projects that promote community engagement in young people. According to Vinspired, of which Lizze is a Trustee, 75% of people aged 14-25 are ready and able to volunteer and make a real difference in their communities. Currently only a fraction of young people are actively presented with opportunities to volunteer, but Vinspired have created over 1 million volunteering posts for young people since 2006.

Growing your own

One green-fingered young man has even turned his hobby of gardening into regular volunteering, by giving his time at a food growing garden, and even going on to pioneer the creation of a brand new garden on his estate to give locals a clean, green, safe space to spend their time, and even to get free fruit and veg!

Not Sure Where to Start with Your Volunteering?

You might even just love baking, walking, knitting, keeping quiet There are endless ways that you could make a difference to people and causes that really need it. Not only will you be doing something wonderful for the world, but youll probably learn new skills and could very easily discover a new passion! Time to get planning. acts as a search engine for volunteering opportunities in your area. Simply type in your post code and find volunteering projects happening in your area right now. You can search for specific areas too, such as environmental, sports and recreation or education.

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