The Wonderful Organisation offers fundraisers a chance to raise money for charity without having to give up a portion of their hard-earned donations to their fundraising platform. Its a wonderful initiative to help wonderful people support charities close to their hearts.

To encourage people to start fundraising in any way that suits them, and for whichever charity they would like to help, Wonderful has organised 9 days of fee-free giving, calling on anyone and everyone to pledge to carry out a personal challenge or activity between the 2nd and 10th of September and raise some money for charity. Whether its running, climbing, baking, eating, dancing, or even abstaining (from speaking, social media, mobile phones, chocolate), the important thing is to demonstrate a real commitment to a cause and support it with much-needed donations. You can take part in the Wonderful Week individually or as part of a team, its totally up to you and open to everyone.

Family Fundraising with Team Neville

One family that has taken on the challenge is football legend, Phil Neville's. Together, Phil and his wife and children will be covering a distance of 100 miles over the course of the Wonderful Week. Between them, they will be donning running shoes, swimming costumes, and bikes to reach the 100-mile mark, with sponsorship being passed onto the Good Life Orphanage. To sponsor the Neville family, visit the Team Neville fundraising page. And rest assured that all of your donation will reach the Orphanage.

Julie Neville says they are all absolutely thrilled to be taking part as a family in the Wonderful Week, as they'll be keeping fit and raising much-needed funds, as well as helping people to become aware of the fundraising options available. She emphasised: It is now possible, through, to maximise fundraising efforts and ensure that every penny reaches its intended cause.

On Your Bike! with Team WNT

Olympic champion and pro road cycling racer Katie Archibald and her team are getting on their bikes in support of The Christie Hospital for the Wonderful Week. After an exciting season of road racing around Europe, Team WNT have commited to cover a whopping 1500 miles between them, all in support of the cancer fighting hospital based in Manchester. Cycling is all about teamwork and working together to produce results, and participating in Wonderful Week really reflects that. Speaking about the WOnderful

"Were excited to work together as a team to fundraise for The Christie, knowing they will receive all donations in full. - Katie Archibald

A Truly #WonderfulWeek

There are a lot of potential benefits to taking part in the Wonderful Week: adventure, challenge, exercise, helping worthy causes, bonding with your family, friends, or colleagues, getting to bask in the glow of doing something truly good and enjoying that knowledge. Participants can also take pride in the fact that their chosen charity will receive EVERY penny (including gift aid) of their raised total, because they used Wonderful.

So why not get involved? Take Phil's advice: Join us in this fundraising initiative and do something wonderful for a charity close to your heart.

Pick an activity you love, or one you've always wanted to try, or something you'd like to know if you could really do! It could make a great change from scrolling through the streams of selfies on your social media apps. Why not make self-promotion a genuinely charitable effort? Don't forget to use the hash tag #WonderfulWeek when you spread the word on social media!

If you are an athlete, a singer, a television presenter, a newscaster, any role which has the awe-inspiring power of reaching and influencing many people, channel it into something really, truly good this Wonderful Week.

Even something as simple as a radio DJ promising to slip a bizarre word into every interview he or she does that week could make people chuckle enough for listeners to donate a couple of quid for the comic value! You don't need to be a marathon-runner to make a difference.

The simple fact of spreading knowledge of fee-free fundraising options is a significant enough act and reason enough to sign up for the Wonderful Week now!

To make your own fundraising page, simply visit the Wonderful Week website and hit the button 'Start Fundraising'. It is, of course, entirely free from the very start of the process until the end.

You can make a real impact on a charity you love by getting stuck into the Wonderful Week!