Rabbit Residence Rescue

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About Rabbit Residence Rescue

The Rabbit Residence Rescue is located on the Herts/Cambs boarders and rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes over 150 unwanted or neglected pet rabbits each year. We care for approximately 100 rabbits at any given time, making us one of the largest rabbit specific rescues in the UK.

We also provide sanctuary to rabbits that are unable to be rehomed due to health or behavioural issues. Some of which are able to be sponsored via our sponsor scheme.

Rabbit Residence ensures that each rabbit receives an individual diet and care plan, a spacious enclosure, often exceeding RWAF and PDSA requirements and varied enrichment as we aim to provide our rabbits with a life as close to the one they would receive in a forever home as possible during their stay with us.

The rescue rehomes nationwide and all of our rabbits are neutered and fully vaccinated prior to rehoming and will have undergone health and behavioural assessments to ensure we are able to match them with the most suitable home. All homes must meet or exceed the minimum space requirements of a 3 metres by 2 metres predator proof space that is at least 1 metre tall as recommended by the Rabbit Welfare Association and PDSA.

We offer a holiday boarding service for pet rabbits, a bonding service for your single rabbit if you adopt from us and free advice on diet and health care.

Rabbit Residence Rescue promotes positive rabbit welfare via our social media accounts and through our work with other rescues and sanctuaries to help ensure that the UK's pet rabbits have a brighter future.

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