Challenging MND

Registered charity in England and Wales.

Charity number: 1182607​
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£2,500.00 + £551.25 Gift Aid = £3,051.25

About Challenging MND

The aim of Challenging MND is to provide financial support to sufferers of MND, to undertake any lasting memorable challenges or events with friends and family.

We aspire to create lifelong memories for people living with MND. Motor neurone disease is a cruel progressive disease that attacks the muscles in the body preventing them from working properly, but the mind stays strong. Therefore, we want to affect the here and now of our beneficiaries' lives and ensure we add quality experiences to their life. We are not a research-based charity and have no intention to be.

We also see raising awareness of MND as a major part of our work. As of today, there is still no cure and we see this as unacceptable. By providing awareness we hope to increase the odds of a cure being found sooner rather than later and help future generations.

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