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About Scottish Railway Preservation Society

The Scottish Railway Preservation Society operates both the Museum of Scottish Railways and the 5 mile heritage Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway.  The Museum collection of railway locomotives, carriages, wagons and other artefacts is recognised by Museum Galleries Scotland to be of national significance.

The SRPS has over 400 active volunteers, who in addition to running the Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway and the Museum of Scottish Railways are undertaking a number of ambitious projects including the restoration of several steam locomotive and heritage carriages.

Please support the SRPS and its projects by making a donation to the fundraising page for the General Fund or to one of the specific project appeals. Scroll down, select your chosen appeal and click on the "Donate now" button.

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Current appeals

G&SWR Third Class Corridor Coach No.731

<p class="ql-align-center"><strong style="color: rgb(168, 24, 75);">Glasgow &amp; South Western Railway</strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><strong style="color: rgb(168, 24, 75);">&nbsp;Third Class Corridor Compartment Coach No.731</strong></p><p class="ql-align-center"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify"><span style="color: rgb(252, 16, 27);">The G&amp;SWR Third Class Corridor Coach No.731&nbsp;</span>is an extremely important vehicle in historic terms: representative of express rail travel for ordinary people, and the sole survivor of 1187 passenger carriages owned by the G&amp;SWR.&nbsp;</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">A National Railway Museum / Vintage Carriages Trust Survey assessed it as being of exceptional importance.&nbsp;&nbsp;Although it has suffered over the years, crucially, the interior of the vehicle is 90% original G&amp;SWR material.&nbsp;</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">G&amp;SWR Corridor Third No. 731 was built by Birmingham Railway Carriage &amp; Wagon Company in 1914 to a specification from Peter Drummond, the Chief Mechanical Engineer. It worked express trains to Carlisle for the G&amp;SWR and later, the LMS, before passing into BR ownership in 1948.&nbsp;&nbsp;In 1954 it was sold to the Admiralty for service at the Royal Navy Armaments Depot at Bandeath.&nbsp;&nbsp;Later, it passed into SRPS ownership in 1969.</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">The coach would have been finished in the company’s maroon livery, lined and lettered in gold. Drummond specified seven passenger compartments, when most other railways would have squeezed in eight; this meant that there would be more room for passengers. There are attendant bell pushes in each compartment, suggesting that this carriage was built for use on the crack expresses of its day.</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">Due to its degree of originality, No.731 is one of the most important unrestored carriages in the UK of any era.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">A research project has been completed and a restoration plan drawn up, outlining the work required to put No. 731 back into operation and exhibition condition.&nbsp;It is estimated that the work will take 5 years and cost £50,000 with a team of volunteers in place ready and willing to return her to pristine condition.&nbsp;&nbsp;The same team have already done this with our wonderful Manson passenger brake No. 122.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;With your help work can begin on this important vehicle of Scottish railway heritage.</p><p class="ql-align-justify"><br></p><p class="ql-align-justify">In the event of insufficient funds being raised to make this project financially viable or the Society being otherwise unable to go ahead and complete the project, your donation will be put to a project most closely resembling this one.&nbsp;&nbsp;Conversely should the appeal become oversubscribed, your donation will be held in the project fund for use in future developments.</p><p><br></p>

Birkhill Signal Box

<p class="ql-align-justify">Birkhill is a little station in the countryside, evoking the atmosphere of a typical Caledonian Railway crossing place on a single track branch line.&nbsp;&nbsp;But there is an essential element missing at the moment - a signal box.</p><p class="ql-align-justify">Some signal posts have been erected at either end of the station, but the signal box is vital to house the lever frame and instruments which make it all work and to allow two trains to pass each other.&nbsp;</p><p class="ql-align-justify">This appeal is aimed at raising the necessary funds to build a brick and timber re-construction of a typical Caledonian Railway Northern division signal box.&nbsp;A foundation was put in many years ago and this will be used as planned.&nbsp;The artist’s impression gives a good idea of how the signal box, based on the design of Inchture, will look in its location at Birkhill.</p><p class="ql-align-justify">The project will cost an estimated £60,000.&nbsp;Please support this project and help to get Birkhill functioning as originally intended.&nbsp;</p><p class="ql-align-justify">In the event of insufficient funds being raised to make the projects financially viable or the Society being otherwise unable to go ahead and complete the projects, your donation will be put to a project most closely resembling the one(s) you have chosen.</p><p>Conversely should the appeals become over subscribed, your donation will be held in the project funds for use in future developments.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Restore a 8F Steam Locomotive 45170

<p><strong>The Challenge</strong></p><p>To restore to full running condition Stanier 8f 45170 named after the late SRPS President, ‘Sir William McAlpine’.&nbsp;When restored ‘Sir William McAlpine’ will not only run on the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway (BKR) but it is hoped that it will travel throughout the UK visiting other preserved lines.</p><p><strong>The Appeal</strong></p><p>This appeal is to raise funds to restore this wonderful engine for future generations. Please join us by making a ‘one off’ donation or better still, become a ‘regular monthly donator / Covenantor’.&nbsp;We are targeting a total fund in excess of £350,000 which not only has purchased the loco but is allowing restoration work to proceed and ultimately return to steam. This is not an insurmountable amount as we have seen by the hugely generous donations which total over £175,900 at 1 July 2019!&nbsp;We are half way… us get to the end.</p><p><strong>The History</strong></p><p>Built by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow this locomotive was first steamed on 28th February 1942 at the peak of WW2. It was then loaned by the Ministry of Supply (War Department) to the LMS before being converted to right hand drive and shipped to Turkey in 1943 as part of a step to ensure Turkey’s ongoing assistance to the allies in the war effort.&nbsp;Locally known in Turkey as a ‘Churchill’ she saw service under the number 45170. She was saved from the cutters torch in 2010 and returned to the UK and subsequently purchased by the SRPS.&nbsp;She is currently at the Museum of Scottish Railways at Bo’ness where the overhaul has commenced.</p><p><br></p><p>We cannot thank you enough for your donations and please know that every penny counts.&nbsp;There is no donation to small or too large!&nbsp;This is a huge opportunity for Scottish preservation and one that we are determined to take advantage off.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>In the event of insufficient funds being raised to make the project financially viable or the Society being otherwise unable to go ahead and complete the project, your donation will be put to a project most closely resembling the one you have chosen.</p><p>Conversely should the appeal become over subscribed, your donation will be held in the project fund for use in future maintenance and repairs.</p><p><br></p><p>More details of the overhaul progress can be found at&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" style="color: blue;"></a></p>

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