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About Taraloka Buddhist Retreat Centre for Women

For over thirty years, Taraloka Buddhist Retreat Centre has been welcoming women and offering meditation and Buddhist teachings on residential courses or ‘retreats’. Taraloka is run by women, for women. We teach meditation and/or Buddhism at all levels from newcomers to committed Buddhists, and we are part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Taraloka runs on the basis of generosity, and the centre is dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion, accessible to all.

Taraloka offers a breadth and depth of Buddhist and meditation retreats for all levels of experience. Women come here to learn to meditate for the first time, for Tai Chi, yoga or chanting, or for an intensive meditation or Dharma retreat. Someone steps into Tara's realm, and often, something magical happens: we contact some aspect of ease, energy, love or freedom which wasn't available to us before. And then, at the end of the retreat, we step back out into the world - into our daily lives, our context. But we are different. We have changed, and we take that flavour of ease, energy, love and freedom back into our everyday worlds. We need those moments of freedom. And the world needs them even more.

[email protected] fundraising appeal

Approaching Taraloka’s 35th anniversary in 2020, we need to raise £92k for two urgent projects. Thank you so much to those who are giving, and to those who are offering or participating in sponsored events!

In 2019, we're creating an Earth-Sky Gardentransforming the area outside the shrine room windows.

We'll get rid of the decaying farmyard concrete and create a new outdoor sacred space, beautiful and accessible for all, including those with limited mobility. 

In 2022, we'd like to create an essential new office space. Taraloka’s office portacabin, the hub of Taraloka’s practical running, is at the end of its life and falling apart. In 2022 we hope to replace it with a solid long-lasting office space - a base from which the community can continue giving the ‘invisible’ backstage support to Taraloka’s retreats.

To see how our overall fundraising is going, check out [email protected] fundraising appeal

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Current fundraising pages

Pujas with Altitude!

Taraloka's Earth Sky Garden... A beautiful space, where women can sit, walk, and spend silent time outside... Accessible for all, with level access and wheelchair-friendly surface... Beautifully designed to reflect the local environment... A sacred place, continuing the atmosphere of the shrine room out in the open space...
Taraloka retreat centre turns 35 next year and as part of their vision of having a beautiful space for women to go to on retreat, they are building a new Earth Sky Garden, outside the main shrine room. For this they need to raise £92,000.
80% of the money has been raised by many generous individuals, so the work has been able to begin, which is really exciting! But there is still £17,000 to raise.
I've committed to raise £200 for this project (UPDATE- due to such generosity, I’ve increased my target to £500 to make some more money for this great project), by taking part in a "Pujas with Altitude" event. I will be climbing Snowdon in July, with a group of other women, including doing three Pujas (Buddhist rituals) along the way.
To me, this feels a really appropriate way to raise money for this project- being outside in a beautiful space, close to the elements, enjoying friendship with other women on the Buddhist path, engaging with rituals in wild spaces... I'm sure it will be a challenge to climb Snowdon, but an exciting, beautiful and fulfilling one!
I love climbing hills, but Snowdon is a particularly big one! So it will require some focus, training and commitment on my part.
Taraloka is such a significant place for many women- it has been and continues to be a very special and important part of my own Buddhist path. My first retreat was at Taraloka and when I arrived in the car park, I cried, with relief at the beauty of the space and being able to be in such supportive conditions to deepen my Dharma practice.
I really want other women to benefit from the beauty of the space at Taraloka.
Please give what you can to support this brilliant project and to give me even more of a boost to get up Mount Snowdon!
To see the garden design and find out more (including a video of how the vision could impact Mary, a regular visitor to Taraloka) visit:
You can also follow the progress of the project by signing up to Taraloka's bimonthly newsletter:
Thank you

Kusaladevi Spence

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