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About The Great Generation

The Great Generation is a young and forward thinking organisation which mobilises the agency of individuals, civil society and business to work towards and help achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. The Great Generation aims to capture the spirit of giving that followed the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and maintain this momentum so that more resources are channelled towards long-term development in all parts of the world, where communities are in need. Taking part in a sustainable development project with The Great Generation gives you a unique opportunity to experience a different culture, develop personally and professionally and learn from the communities we work with, whilst making a positive impact. Our projects are mutually beneficial and offer you the chance to get to see your donation in action, helping to invest in local infrastructure and microfinance ventures. 

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Carlotta Laudien Uganda 2020

My name is Carlotta Laudien. I am a sixteen year old pupil in St Columba’s College. In April 2020 ten of my classmates and I will be going to Buikwe District in rural Uganda, where we will work with people around our age to try and improve their day-to-day lives together. For this project I need to fundraise £1,420.All donations made will go straight to our community project to help us make a change. They will partly be used to provide everything needed for our two week stay but will also help us to improve the District’s infrastructure, our project planning, and the things we are providing for the people there.
Below I have listed five things that our project is mainly focused on, and what we (as a group, and working with the local community’s charity) have come together to decide:
Building a library - Throughout the two weeks we will be building a school library together with a local carpenter, as a space to learn. Alongside that, we will be bringing and reading some of our most favourite books (suggestions welcomed).
Starting a menstrual cycle and sanitary towel - making workshop -
Many girls in the district regularly miss school, or drop out completely as a result of a lack of sanitary products. By teaching women how to make these vital monthly products, we are empowering the power of women!Creating a food garden - We will create a food garden together with and for the community, and give workshops on growing techniques to provide more resources to the school.Giving health and hygiene lessons to the local teen club - This will help to reduce the amount of yearly deaths and illnesses caused by a lack of hygiene.
Creating a school sports day - the children at the school there do not get the same opportunities I get at my school, where I have six days of organized sport. Sport is such an important factor regarding our mental and physical health and that is what we want to provide. This is often regarded as one of the best days of the school year by local children because they rarely get to enjoy organized sport, and not only that but we can also help provide a future structure to the games, so people learn how to organize them in the future.

I want to go on this trip because there are very few opportunities in life where we are given the chance to go and improve someone else’s life. I believe that with the Great Generation, I can learn so much about the world around me, and change it for the better.

I would appreciate any help I can get, and if you have any further questions regarding our project, please contact me.

Carlotta Laudien

  • International

My trip to Uganda

As of Next year 2020, I will be fundraising in order to raise money for my trip to Uganda through my school. I've always wanted to do this as of now I have an opportunity for my trip to Uganda next spring. Although it will be a challenge for me to raise the funds I will be especially motivated by the excitement of knowing that I am furthering my one of a lifetime opportunity.

The Great Generation, a volunteering organisation based in the UK, which works with schools to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically poverty alleviation.
I am asking friends, family, and others to consider supporting me for this event. I have two goals – first to meet my personal goal of raising 1,600 euro and secondly, to donate any funds raised to others who have not fit to those who may not have been able to reach their goal. I would greatly appreciate your consideration by making a donation toward this goal. Any and all donations are truly appreciated.
The project involves spending 2 weeks in Uganda living in the community and working with children, we will be undertaking practical projects in the school as well as working with children and fixing housing, painting etc and making an impact. I am really looking forward to this unforgettable experience.

As I am sure you can agree, education is priceless and we are all products of our experiences. I know I will learn and grow by enhancing my education with the experience of helping others in Uganda for two weeks.
Thank you in advance for your time and for supporting me in my adventure. Poppy

Poppy Gleeson

  • International

Uganda Community Development Project

Did you know that many young girls in Sub-Saharan Africa regularly miss school or completely drop out because of a lack of sanitary products when they menstruate?Or that nearly one million people die each year from hygiene-related diseases which could be reduced with access to sanitation and safe water?This is why I’m leading a group of 12 high school classmates to work with youth in the Buikwe District in rural Uganda on these and three other important areas which could positively impact their daily lives.
I am asking for donations - large or small - to help with this community project. Your contributions will be used to help us with the infrastructure, project planning, logistics and subsistence required for our two-week stay within the community where we will be working. These funds will not be used for our flights to Uganda, visas, vaccinations and on-site spending money, which will be financed by our parents.I appreciate any help that you can give. There are more details on our project below, let me know if you would like to know more.Our project is focusing on:Building a school library from start to finish with a local carpenter so that kids have a space to learn and access to information.Creating a food garden with the community and giving workshops on growing techniques which will help provide daily resources for the school.Starting a menstrual cycle club and sanitary towel-making workshop which will include boys and girls, many young girls miss school or drop out completely because of a lack of sanitary products when they menstruate. Our goal is to help girls in this community have 100% attendance in school.Giving health and hygiene lessons to local teen club as people here still die from hygiene-related diseases which can be reduced if they learn about the importance of sanitation and safe water.
Creating and launching a school sports day to demonstrate the importance of physical activity for health. We have organised sports six days a week at our school, I can’t imagine what I’d be like without this.

Étienne-Jacques Bolger

  • International

Thea's Charity Trip to Uganda

Hello, I have been selected by The Great Generation Charity to join a project in Jinja, Uganda for two weeks in April 2020.The Great Generation enables communities in developing countries, like Uganda, to put in place sustainable solutions to poverty. They coordinate professionals from educational institutions and businesses who empower the communities to define and embrace opportunities. You can find out more about the Great Generation and its work at will be traveling in a group from my school, St Columba's College, to volunteer in Jinja, a town on the shore of Lake Victoria. We will be working in the Jinja community for two weeks and helping with a number of projects including the building of a library for the school, planting a vegetable garden and helping at the Community Centre.To fund our work, and further empower the Jinja community we each need to raise £1250.

I, and my horse Jozini, are going to trek round 10 national and country parks in Northern Ireland, a total of over 200 miles. In case you think I am taking the easy option of making the horse do the hard work, I am going to have to trek over the Christmas holidays, so in the depths of winter, come rain, hail or (hopefully at times) sun. If you would like to sponsor me, I would be very grateful!Collection of sponsorship through means 100% of your money will go to the Great Generation Charity. Please do answer the relevant questions for Gift Aid (and please put in your post code when entering card details if prompted)With very many thanksThea

Thea Walsh

  • International
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