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About The Great Generation

The Great Generation is a young and forward thinking organisation which mobilises the agency of individuals, civil society and business to work towards and help achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. The Great Generation aims to capture the spirit of giving that followed the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and maintain this momentum so that more resources are channelled towards long-term development in all parts of the world, where communities are in need. Taking part in a sustainable development project with The Great Generation gives you a unique opportunity to experience a different culture, develop personally and professionally and learn from the communities we work with, whilst making a positive impact. Our projects are mutually beneficial and offer you the chance to get to see your donation in action, helping to invest in local infrastructure and microfinance ventures. 

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Lara's Uganda Campaign 2020

Hi everyone,
My name is Lara Townsend, I am 17 and attend LaSwap Sixth Form in London.
This July 20 students including myself will take part in a community development project in Jinja, Uganda for two weeks. It will be a community based project, where we will be working alongside the charity 'The Great Generation'.
This amazing opportunity is aimed at helping to develop a sustainable economy and promote education in a rural village.We will undertake 6-8 mini projects over these two weeks, including:
-working with St Francis Healthcare (local hospital)-donating hundreds of books, clothes and shoes to the local school-running courses on making sustainable and reusable period products for young girls-teaching english in local schools and setting up sporting activities for children-building a new library-repairing and installing new water pumps-promote and get involved with more efficient farming methods-buy goats for the most disadvantaged locals and help promote sustainable wealth-and much more
Your donation will directly contribute to all of this.
LaSwap Sixth Form and 'The Wonderful Generation' have been running this project for multiple years now, so have been able to assess what can actually make a difference in communities in a country where life expectancy is under 60, and almost half of the population live on less than $1 a day.
Thank you for your kind donations, please help me reach my goal.

Lara Townsend

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laswap project in uganda

Did you know that 20% of uganda’s population live on £1 or less per day ? Or that only 1/4 children in uganda who start school will reach grade 5 ? Hi ! My name is kiera ,and i am a 17 year old year 12 student from a north london sixth form called Laswap . At my school , I have been offered an amazing opportunity to visit an east african country called Uganda , which also happens to be where my family is from , to

visit a city called Jinja for two weeks . In these two weeks we will be giving support to everyone who lives in the villages including the very young children to the elderly in a variety of ways . I would love the attended this trip as i am really passionate about helping people who are disadvantaged and giving back . I have been to Uganda before in the past , as that is where my family is from , and i was heartbroken when i went to some villages and saw people’s living conditions and how they struggled . I saw young people with barely any clothes and no shoes , parents struggling to feed their whole family and how desperate people were . i Also saw how some children didn’t speak english as they didn’t have much of an education . I will be helping and teaching young children who won’t have access to a full education by teaching them english , building a library , installing and repairing water pumps ,planting crops , building a new playground , organising a sports day ,and many other things

to help support the village and benefit the ugandans living in Jinja .This trip would also be very beneficial in many ways including practice their language skills and possibly learn a language that my family speak . Although we learn about developing countries , Going to Uganda experience it first-hand is a completely different thing and this trip will offers me a chance to learn about other societies and value other people and customs and be grateful for what i have that others in these developing countries do not have access to.Although going to this trip would be an absolute dream it does have a high cost of £1995 that is due before May that i , nor my family can afford which is why i am kindly asking you to please donate towards this lifechanging trip or i will not be allowed to attend this trip . This cost of the trip will include the travel and all the supplies such as the water pumps and books for the young children , shoes , clothes that some of them might lack . We will also be providing the people with animals such

as cows and goats that significantly benefit everyone in the villages as the cows as they produce food that they need such as milk and cheese .Although the £1995 is a very high cost i would really appercaite it if you could donate even if it’s from as small as £1 as this can truly make a huge difference .thank you very much for reading this and thank you in advance to those who help by donating

have a blessed day


kiera walakira

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