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About The Great Generation

The Great Generation is a young and forward thinking organisation which mobilises the agency of individuals, civil society and business to work towards and help achieve the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. The Great Generation aims to capture the spirit of giving that followed the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 and maintain this momentum so that more resources are channelled towards long-term development in all parts of the world, where communities are in need. Taking part in a sustainable development project with The Great Generation gives you a unique opportunity to experience a different culture, develop personally and professionally and learn from the communities we work with, whilst making a positive impact. Our projects are mutually beneficial and offer you the chance to get to see your donation in action, helping to invest in local infrastructure and microfinance ventures. 

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A House for Gertrude

Gertrude and her four grandchildren live in
appalling and perilous
conditions in Kasanja Village, Uganda.

mud hut, they call home, is
at risk of collapse during the wet season and uninvited house guests, rodents and snakes, frequently make their way through the holes in the walls.
Please help us raise money to improve their living conditions.

A new house would allow the small amount of household income Gertrude earns to go towards regular food and to support school attendance for her grandchildren.
Gertrude works hard as much as her age, 76, permits and struggles to make ends meet.
The family's day to day life is one of constant fear, hunger
and insecurity.
At the beginning of 2019 through The Great Generation's former project participants, the lives of
two other grandmothers and their grandchildren in Uganda
were transformed through a new house for each family.
Our longstanding relationships in these communities enabled us to negotiate the purchase of land and with the Community Council to ensure ownership of the land, and the house is secured in the grandmothers' names and inheritance via the female grandchildren.
This ensures future quality of life and a secure home for the family, and is a breakthrough at local level in terms of recognising family rights through the women rather than the traditional way with men owning the assets.
Our local partner, St. Francis, supports this investment by finding a local builder, procuring the supplies and project managing the build.
A new house takes approx. 4 - 6 weeks to complete, we would love to see Gertrude and her grandchildren in a new home before the wet season begins in March.
Projects in 2020 with
15 - 18 year old
students will continue to develop the homes including the creation of home gardens for food along with donating mattresses, mosquito nets and a goat.
See further photographs.
Please help us make Gertrude's life happier and give her grandchildren the safe home they deserve.

Britta Waurich

  • International

Help me improve the life chances of Brazilian boys

My Name is Dominic Matthews. I'm from Mainz, Germany and attend St. Columba's College in Dublin. I'm currently in my fourth year, the so-called Transition Year, in which students are supposed to work outside of school, and experience new things. What better way to do this than to help kids whose communities cannot give them the sort of start in life that I had?
This is why I have decided to take part in a project,organized by The Great Generation that supports young boys in Brazil. I'll
join my classmates, Etienne-Jacques Bolger, Gwyn Ejase-Tobrise and William Torkington in Sao Paolo to give English lessons.
The project concentrates on helping boys to become professional football players,
and need English for the next steps in their careers.

I am very excited that I might be able to help these boys to succeed. Beside going there
in person to "jump-start" their English, we will also leave money and measures in place after we go away, so that the work we do will have some long term effect.
Please help me in this project by donating any sum you can spare. I pledge to work hard and make conscientious use of your contribution!
We’ve been invited by Sr. José Guimarães, the founder of Pequeninos do Jockey, a well known football club commited to helping to keep underprivileged kids off the streets. For almost 50 years, thousands have benefited from its mission to provide social inclusion and prioritize academic results.It is a leading developing ground for future professionals. Many of the youth dream of getting a scholarship in another country and a career as a football player.
Communicating in English is crucial, yet most of these kids haven’t had the chance or support to achieve a basic level.
Our team’s two-week stay to initiate an English-language programme
and begin workshops can help to boost their level. Because we are young, we think that we can relate better to the boys.I ask for your support to raise £1,450 (€1,650) as my contribution to this project. Excess funding will be donated to Pequeninos do Jockey and the English language programme that we help to initiate. Even the smallest contribution will make a difference in their lives. We will post progress of our stay on The Great Generation’s Facebook page, if you care to follow this amazing experience for the kids, and for us.

Dominic Matthews

  • International
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