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About The Word Forest Organisation

Our Mission

Planting trees in Kenya, raising environmental awareness and improving the health of our planet for all its inhabitants.

Our Vision

  • Create nurseries and plant new trees on deforested land
  • Construct and equip educational buildings in impoverished Kenyan communities
  • To twin Kenyan schools with UK schools and reduce the environmental educational gap between them
  • To encourage everyone to take more personal responsibility for keeping the planet healthy
  • To share environmental wisdom and biocentric scientific data in respect of reforestation
  • Empower community educators to raise awareness of forestry guardianship and wider environmental issues

Our Values

  • Commitment to operating as an environmentally conscious, sustainable and ethical organisation
  • Shared passion to educate society to be better guardians of the earth
  • Optimism for a more fairly educated world that has environmentalism and good ethics at the fore
  • Respect for Mother Nature and a desire to protect the planet, its inhabitants and natural resources
  • Belief in the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance

Our board are an environmentally-driven group of ordinary people, actively striving to improve the planet’s health and help communities living at the sharp end of climate change.

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Teaching Lifesaving Water Purification Survival Skills in Kenya

I'm Steve Pooley, I'm a bushcraft and survival expert and I'm about to head out to Kenya to volunteer for a month with a
Dorset based charity, The Word Forest Organisation.It's run by Tracey and Simon West, passionate environmentalists, who plant trees, build classrooms and facilitate education in impoverished communities in drought-ridden Kenya.Their forests are expanding, biodiversity is starting to flourish once more and animals are returning to the area for the first time in years, but it's challenging sourcing clean water to hydrate the community, so they can take care of the trees.One of my primary tasks is teaching the people of Boré how to make personal water purification systems from locally sourced, natural materials.It'll enable them to draw water from nearby rivers that are close by but filthy dirty and riddled with water borne diseases. The alternative involves women walking several miles through the bush, two hours before dawn and carrying 20 litres home in a container on their heads: watch CEO Tracey West trying to do it.These personal water purification units will also become life savers in the event of another massive flood, like the ones experienced in March 2018, when the long rains arrived a month early. The floods displaced 20,000 people from Boré, the heart of the Word Forest's project; they took lives, washed away homes and livelihoods and left everyone surrounded by seriously contaminated water, with nothing safe to drink to keep them alive.These floods are unlikely to be their last and they came after several years of Kenya being gripped by deadly drought as a result of climate change.I'll help them build larger water purification systems at high points throughout the community too and I'd be grateful if you could help me raise vital funds to sustain the community. The world needs trees, now more than ever before and tropical forests grow at the fastest rate of any on the planet, removing a huge amount of CO2 from the atmosphere and helping mitigate the devastating effects of climate change - we need to help the people working so hard to keep the trees alive and tend the forest.Any spare money from my fundraising will be converted into building materials for new classrooms and lots of new trees.About Me:I'm retired now, but I spent 22 years in the army. I've worked in Bosnia with NGO's helping with the resettlement of refugees and I also did two tours in Belize working in line with anti-drug forces, helping communities in a variety of ways and also secured heritage Mayan architectural sites too. I'm still very active in my retirement and I like to teach the lifesaving skills that I've learned in extreme environments, to help dedicated charities and great organisations like The Word Forest Organisation.About Word Forest:The Word Forest team take a holistic approach to reforestation by looking after the human needs of the people who are taking care of the trees. It's a win-win situation and not only are they mitigating climate change but the commodities from the forest are also lifting the communities out of poverty. See for more information, or watch this short animation to find out why they're called Word Forest!

Steve Pooley

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Visit to the tree planting Mothers of the forest, Kenya.

CHECK OUT OUR WORK HEREThere is very little of greater or more immediate importance than the fight to reforest our planet. Deforestation is the cause of so many problems. Famine, plague, war and environmental displacement causing people to flee their homes in fear of their lives. And those problems respect no boundaries. The air we breathe here is directly affected by deforestation across the globe and the cars we drive create clouds of CO2 that the trees we plant help to lock down and there is no better place to plant than the equator. I am hoping to raise enough to visit the wonderful Mothers of the Forest who plant, nurture and protect the trees we and our partners plant with the wonderful word forest and see the classrooms we've helped to support with our tree planting through them. While I'm there I'll be teaching the women of the village how to make washable sanitary pads as they have no feminine hygiene resources of any kind. Hopefully two of my sons and my husband will be coming out too and working on a compost toilet (the first toilet for the village) and a water purification system to spare them the dangers of drinking the local river water. If I can't raise enough to get out there then I will ensure that all of the money raised still goes to plant trees. Fingers crossed. This means the world, quite literally the world to me and every penny you can spare will be gratefully received.

Rikey Austin

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