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About Willen Hospice

Willen Hospice is an independent charity which provides specialist care to people with life limiting illnesses from the age of 18 years upwards in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.

Our vision is to always be there to care and our services are free to those we look after, but to continue to offer that care Willen Hospice needs to raise around £4.7million every year - that's £9 every minute - from the local community, so we rely on your generosity and support.

The Hospice is based at a quiet lakeside area close to central Milton Keynes and our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, social care professionals and other health care staff, provide round the clock care to our patients and provide ongoing support for their families.

Willen Hospice offers an inpatient unit for patients to stay at the Hospice, a dedicated community team of Clinical Nurse Specialists and Hospice at Home staff, a Patient & Family Services team offering bereavement support and a drop-in Wellbeing Centre giving those not staying at the Hospice access to our services. 

The annual running cost of the Hospice is around £5.9 million - we're very grateful to have 22% of these costs met by the NHS. The remaining 78% needs to be raised from the local community and without the dedication and support of people just like you, we couldn't provide the care we do.

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Borneo Jungle Challenge

I've often thought I should do something meaningful for charity: something that requires a bit of effort on my part – like all those generous people who run marathons for a good cause.
So this year I've decided to bite the bullet and embark on a fundraising challenge in aid of Willen Hospice (trekking through the jungle in Borneo; more on this at the end).I aim to raise £4,000 by September 2019, but being a typical guy I have left things to the last minute so would appreciate any help you can give in the time remaining!!Why Willen Hospice?
Well, I lost a friend of mine to cancer earlier this year.
He spent the last few weeks of his life in hospice care so I saw at first hand just how valuable the support is that they provide to friends and family as well as to the patients themselves.
The people who looked after my friend really do care and it will be the same story in other hospices up and down the country.
What really focused me on Willen is the huge fundraising task they face every single year.
Their services are free of charge, which means they need to raise almost £5 million each year to continue helping people in the local community.
I saw something on another supporter’s fundraising page that put it into stark context for me…How much does it cost Willen Hospice to provide the help they give?10 seconds - £1.501 minute - £92 minutes - £185 minutes - £4510 minutes - £9060 minutes - £540So as I say, I have signed up to a fundraising challenge in aid of the hospice.
In October, for 6 days, I will be slogging through the jungle in Borneo with 18 other people in 85% humidity, sleeping on the floor, getting rained on most days, bitten by a whole host of critters no doubt, eating goodness knows what, and toileting in holes in the ground, in an effort to do my bit.I have a lot of training to do between now and then as it’s a 6 day journey, trekking for several hours each day. I will be carrying my own kit through overgrown jungle, up steep ascents and down long descents.
Apparently we will sleep on the floor in jungle clearings or in local villages.
I am trying to find out if I will still be able to watch ‘Match of the Day’ but I'm not holding my breath to be honest.
Showers are non-existent so I have to take a pack of baby wipes (!); either that or find a stream somewhere.
I've alluded to the toilet arrangements, so best say no more about that, except that we have to take nappy bags to carry our used toilet paper (best walk upwind of me then, people!).Anyway, I've written enough and you have probably got better things to do.
So I will close by saying that I should be most grateful if you would help me reach my target by donating whatever you can manage.If you would like to know more about Willen Hospice, follow this link https://www.willen-hospice.org.uk/who-we-are/how-we-help

Thanks very much indeed!

Russell Snowdon

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