Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get listed as a Fundraiser?

    Our site is completely free to use, so if you haven't signed up yet, head over to Create a Page. Once there, you'll complete a short form to create your Fundraising Page. The process is straightforward and you can create multiple Fundraising Pages.

  • How will I know if somebody sponsors me?

    Once your Fundraising Page has been created, you'll receive notifications by email whenever somebody sponsors you. Unless they choose to be anonymous, the amount each person sponsors and any messages of encouragement will be posted on your Wonderful Fundraising Page too.

  • Can I list more than one fundraising activity?

    Absolutely! You can take part in lots of events and create multiple Fundraising Pages to generate sponsorship opportunities for different charities.

  • What if I am unable to complete the event?

    In effect, the Wonderful website operates as a donation website. Money from Sponsors' cards is collected at the point they donate and held in our bank account to pass to Charities each month. Since we are a non-profit organisation, any interest earned on funds in our bank account is also passed to Charities we support. Should you be unable to complete your event - for any reason - the Charity you are supporting will still receive the payment made by your Sponsors.

  • Can I choose which Charities to support?

    Yes. And we'll be adding more Charities to the site over the coming weeks with a commitment to cover causes close to as many of your hearts as we can. If a Charity you'd like to support isn't listed, please let them know by sending them a link to our Charities Page.

  • What about Gift Aid?

    If you create a Fundraising Page with us, EVERY PENNY of Gift Aid is for the charity you are supporting. We do not make deductions from Gift Aid to cover our own costs or generate profit. Please note, the rules applying to Gift Aid must be followed.

    Encourage your sponsors to provide a single name and address for donations - which will be used ONLY for the purposes of Gift Aid administration. Some activities (for example cake sales and jumble sales, or where a series of donations are collected together) are NOT eligible for Gift Aid. For this reason, when you choose certain themes for your Fundraising Page, you may notice that the Gift Aid option has been removed. For further information about Gift Aid rules, we encourage you to read these Guidance Notes from HMRC.


  • How do I sponsor somebody?

    More frequently than not, you'll have been directed to a Fundraising Page created by a friend, relative or colleague, perhaps taking part in a run, swim, skydive or similar activity to raise money for a Charity. To sponsor, simply complete the short form on the Fundraising Page, adding your name and some words of encouragement if you like. (If you'd prefer your sponsorship to be anonymous, leave those fields blank.) You will be asked for an email address which is used only by our card processor, Stripe, to forward a receipt for your donation. Your email address will be used for NO other purpose.

  • Do you charge me to sponsor / donate?

    We DO NOT charge you to sponsor a Fundraiser. If you donate £10, your card will be debited by £10 and not a penny more. Any costs associated with ensuring the Charity receives the full £10 are borne by our Corporate Sponsors to ensure your generosity is directed IN FULL to the Charity which you and your Fundraiser are supporting. Remember, if you are eligible, please also check the Gift Aid consent box meaning your £10 is turned into £12.50 (further information below).

  • How do I find a Fundraiser on the website?

    You can use the search box on our home page to search for a Fundraiser by name. If you know it, adding the name of their event may help narrow the search and yield better results.

  • What about Gift Aid?

    If you are a UK taxpayer and you have paid - in the current tax year - the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax as the value of your donation, please check the Gift Aid consent box which allows the charity you are supporting to boost your donation by 25p for each £1.00 you donate.

    In order to collect Gift Aid, we will need to collect your name and address. These details will be used solely for Gift Aid administration. Some activities (for example cake sales and jumble sales, or where a series of donations are collected together) are NOT eligible for Gift Aid. For further information about Gift Aid rules, we encourage you to read these Guidance Notes from HMRC.

  • How much will the charities receive?

    Our Charities receive 100% of your donation. We deduct NOTHING for providing this service because all of our operating costs are covered separately by our wonderfully generous Corporate Sponsors. We are a non-profit business, which means every donation is passed in full to our Charities. In short, we’re not in it for ourselves. We're doing this because we want to be as Wonderful as our Fundraisers, Sponsors and Charities!

  • What if the Fundraiser doesn't compete the event?

    In effect, the Wonderful website operates as a Charity donation website. Once you sponsor a Fundraiser, the money is taken immediately from your card and held to pay the Charity. We pay Charities each month and, since we are a non-profit, any interest earned on funds in our account is also passed to our Charities. Should the Fundraiser be unable to complete the event - for whatever reason - the Charity you are supporting will still receive your kind donation. We're sorry that we are unable to offer refunds but do remember: EVERY penny goes to the Charity. Nobody other than the Charity is benefiting from your generosity.

  • What is your policy on Refunds?

    Wonderful believes that donations to Charities are important, and are a wonderful thing. Because of this, we only provide refunds under exceptional circumstances. If your Fundraiser does not complete the challenge they set for themselves, you cannot request a refund of your donation. If you change your mind about donating, or donate to the wrong page by accident we will be unable to offer a refund. Please ensure that you are sure you wish to make your donation before donating via the Wonderful service.

    Under exceptional circumstances such as payment disputes or technical website issues, donation refunds may be authorised in order to resolve a serious problem. If you believe your issue falls under such circumstances, please contact us providing as much information as possible so that we can consider your request. Where a refund is issued, there will be no fee for receiving that refund.


  • How is the Wonderful Organisation funded?

    Every aspect of our operation is funded by Corporate Sponsors. This includes our office space, development, customer service, web hosting, accountancy and legal services, card processing fees. This ensures that Wonderful Charities receive EVERY penny raised through the generosity of our Fundraisers and Sponsors.

  • How frequently do Charities get paid?

    We transfer all funds and consent details for Gift Aid on a monthly basis. Payment is made by bank transfer to Charities' nominated accounts. Any interest earned on funds in the Wonderful Organisation bank account is transferred to Charities on the basis of funds raised for each (i.e. proportionally). Interest is distributed at the end of our financial year.

  • What about Gift Aid?

    Details relating to Gift Aid consent are passed to our Charities with each monthly funds transfer. Gift Aid information is delivered to Charities as a .CSV file.

  • Is the Wonderful Organisation a Charity too?

    We are a non-profit company limited by guarantee. All of our costs are covered by our Corporate Sponsors. Unfortunately, Charity Commission rules do not allow us to operate as a charity. Although operating as a Charity would reduce our own costs (allowing us to support even greater fundraising activity for our Charities), we understand and accept the Charity Commission's position.

  • What do you need from Charities?

    Other than a few words describing the work of your Charity (this helps our Fundraisers and Sponsors decide which charities they'd like to support and is also used in our monthly "Featured Charities" home page section), we seek nothing in return - although, given our modest marketing budget (which we don't want to eat into at the expense of other costs borne by our Corporate Sponsors) a little help promoting our work would always be appreciated!

Other Questions

  • How can I make a complaint?

    If something’s gone wrong and you’re not happy with your experience using the Wonderful Organisation, we’d like to hear from you in the first instance so that we can try and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Wonderful acts as an independent facilitator of fee-free online fundraising and has relationships with donors, fundraisers, charities and corporate sponsors. We do everything we can to provide excellent support to the entire community of Wonderful users, but when an issue does arise the following complaints procedure is referred:

    - Make formal contact with our complaints handler at [email protected] in the first instance letting us know your complaint and what your desired solution would be. 
    - Give us a chance to carry out any required investigation and respond. We will respond to all formal complaints within 48 hours and we’ll let you know if we need more time.
    - Once we have responded or taken actions deemed necessary we will close your complaint and give you a chance to feedback
    - If you are still unsatisfied or would like to take things further, please contact the Fundraising Regulator

    Please note that whilst Wonderful will always do what is reasonably acceptable to rectify issues that arise, it has limited control/influence over external entities such as individual charities or fundraisers. Where an external entity that has a relationship with Wonderful leads to a complaint, Wonderful will take the appropriate actions within its means, including reporting any incidents to the appropriate authorities or regulatory bodies. 

  • How are donations protected against fraud?

    Wonderful currently only allows donations to be made to registered charities. Each charity is manually vetted by a member of the Wonderful team before appearing on the website. This involves, among other security measures, contacting charity representatives directly, carrying out checks on charity websites and social media channels, and cross-checking the official data provided by the relevant charity register for each region. In the event that these measures fail to prevent the approval of a charity that is subsequently discovered to be fraudulent, Wonderful will carry out a thorough investigation. 

    Wonderful takes fraud extremely seriously and will take all necessary steps following an investigation, including reporting directly to the relevant charity commission and other relevant authorities including Action Fraud. If any donations are retained or recovered by Wonderful in the event of fraudulent activity, contact will be made to all parties involved and steps will be taken to ensure any funds are returned to their rightful place.  

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The Co-operative Bank are proud to be the main sponsorship partner of the Wonderful Organisation supporting charities to make a difference by ensuring 100% of donations go directly to doing good. Learn more about the Bank’s values and ethics.

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Our Sponsors support the platform in kind by providing access to commercial and professional services on a pro-bono basis; through staff secondment and access to volunteers; or by making financial contributions to cover our operating costs.

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What makes us wonderful?

We recognise the selfless commitment made by fundraisers who train for months to run marathons, face their fears by jumping out of aeroplanes or open their homes to the community for charity bakes and coffee mornings. We believe the charities they support should receive EVERY PENNY from their fundraising efforts.

We also believe that Gift Aid (a scheme enabling charities to reclaim tax on donations made by UK taxpayers) should be directed IN FULL to the charities. This is why the Wonderful Organisation does not generate profit (or even cover costs) by deducting money from fundraisers' sponsors or Gift Aid contributions.

We are a non-profit organisation funded entirely by like-minded, philanthropic businesses. That's what makes us wonderful!

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