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Mulanje Trek for The CharChar Trust

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Team Mulanje Trekkers’s story

We want to transform the way literacy is taught in Malawi through The CharChar Trust. The funds we raise will enable more teachers to be trained and mentored in how to use phonemic awareness with children in smaller groups. This means countless more children will; enjoy learning, stay at school, get a better education and grow up with the ability to make choices for themselves and their future. As Nelson Mandela once said; "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Please do look at our Instagram and Facebook pages – they won’t win film awards but every one of the support team and learners deserves an Oscar. There’s a much brighter future developing for the 3000 young people embarking on the literacy journey. "Thinking of the realities of their daily lives has been my metal preparation for the climb," says Nicky, one of Team Mulanje Trekkers. 

The Climb:

Mount Mulanje is the highest mountain in Central Africa. Its peak reaches 3002 m and... we are going to climb it!

With its exposed granite rock and forested ravines, the west face of Chambe Peak is the longest rock climb in Africa. We will be climbing to Sapitwa, the highest peak which rises above cloud level.

We have been told to expect variable weather - sunshine, cloud, rain and dense fog. At night we will sleep on the floor of basic mountain huts. By day, we will need to battle through alpine vegetation, boulder-jump and scramble on all fours (on sheer granite!) in order to reach the top.

We hope you agree that it is an immense goal and a very worthy cause.

The Intrepid Trekkers: Sally, Nicky and Sophie and the rest of the team undertaking the trek really need your support.

Our story:

Sally…. ‘It has always been a core belief of mine that every child should have a chance to have a good education and being able to read is fundamental to learning and to fulfilling one’s potential in life. As a qualified HR professional, secondary school English teacher, Trustee of Future First - an education charity whose vision is a world where a young person’s start in life does not limit their future - my passion has always been about helping people to find themselves, and to find fulfillment in life whatever their age. 

Give a person a fish and you can feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.’ Chinese Proverb

I came across the CharChar Trust last year and was totally inspired by the story of how it came to be…conceived in the face of unbearable loss but making such a difference to so many children who have so little, and giving them choices through a better education. Please help us to raise our £20,000 target.’

Nicky.... ‘I have known about the CharChar Trust since its inception when I lived and worked in Malawi. I raised my children there and it was a deeply humbling experience to see them getting a good education while children in government schools were clearly not. Most children growing up in Malawi today will live in abject poverty and ignorance and without literacy there is nothing they can do about it. During my 30 years connection with Malawi I've not had the chance to do something about this until now - so I am going to get as fit as Sally and shout from the mountain top to raise awareness of illiteracy and the need for funds for the CharChar Trust which is working to change lives now and develop solutions at scale.’

Sophie…. ‘I have always been an avid reader. As a child I spent hours devouring anything the school library had to offer – from Harry Potter to Anne Frank’s diary and everything in between. Having that gift of being able to discover different worlds through literature influenced my hobbies, inspired my studies, and undoubtedly shaped the course of my life.

The advantages of literacy are not limited to personal growth. Widespread literacy has a positive effect on economic competitiveness and community engagement, and is a vital skill in today’s interconnected world that every child should have the opportunity to acquire.

I am therefore very excited to be joining Sally and Nicky to raise money for the CharChar Trust’s fantastic work - providing training and materials to sustainably support education in Malawi.’

Here's what your donation will buy:

£10           1 colour illustrated English/Chichewa dictionary

£25           10 erasable whiteboards and pens

£50           1 set of 20 educational wall posters

£50           2 packs of literacy/numeracy flashcards

£60           20 student reading books

£175         100 educational puzzles

£225         300 packs of crayons

£600         200 reading books – the full collection

£750         1 fully stocked water/insect proof CharChar chest

£1000       A qualified literacy specialist for one year

All the above are created and produced specifically for the CharChar Trust to support learning by embracing local traditions, stories, culture and landscape.

Please give generously and change the lives of children today.

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.


The CharChar Trust

Our Aim:

To help Malawians help themselves through improved education.

The Trust's mission is to improve English literacy at the very roots of the educational system. Literacy is not simply a skill but an empowering path to all subjects in education, as well as a route to informed self-determination, self-reliance and skill development. In Malawi, as in many southern African countries disjointed by a multitude of local languages and unserved by written resources, English is the first language of educational development.

We started 11 years ago with richly colour-illustrated books containing stories donated by a wealth of writers from four continents; our own 250-page, colour-illustrated dictionary filled with African-context usage sentences, and a variety of literacy aids like posters and letter flash-cards, delivered to more than a quarter of a million learners around Malawi. We also now provide and mentor literacy specialist teachers.

To learn more about our work visit The CharChar Trust

Registered Charity Number: 1120165.

Find out more about The CharChar Trust

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