How It Works


Create a Fundraising Page in just a few seconds. Simply click the button below, add some details about the event in which you're participating and your reasons for doing so, select the charity you'd like to support and spread the word about your page. Friends, relatives and colleagues will be able to sponsor you quickly and easily and your nominated charity will receive EVERY penny you raise - plus Gift Aid where eligible. Once you've created your page, we'll give you links to share on social media or via email.


Sponsoring is easy at Wonderful. We have made it possible to sponsor your friends, relatives and colleagues in a couple of clicks. 100% of the amount you sponsor is passed to charity. We deduct nothing for operating our service. What's more, if you are a UK taxpayer and you have paid - in the current tax year - the same amount or more in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax as the value of your donation, please check the Gift Aid consent box which allows the charity you are supporting to boost your donation by 25p for each £1.00 you donate. In order to collect Gift Aid, the charity needs your name and address. These details will be used solely for Gift Aid administration.


Each month, we transfer all funds raised through the activities of fundraisers to charities' bank accounts making NO deductions to cover our operational costs, card processing transaction fees, etc. which are met separately by our own corporate sponsors. Information relating to Gift Aid is also passed to our charities.

What makes us Wonderful?

We recognise the selfless commitment made by fundraisers who train for months to run marathons, face their fears by jumping out of aeroplanes or open their homes to the community for charity bakes and coffee mornings. We believe the charities they support should receive EVERY PENNY from their fundraising efforts. We also believe that Gift Aid (a scheme enabling charities to reclaim tax on donations made by UK taxpayers) should be directed IN FULL to the charities. This is why the Wonderful Organisation does not generate profit (or even cover costs) by deducting money from fundraisers' sponsors or Gift Aid contributions. We are a non-profit organisation funded entirely by like-minded, philanthropic businesses. That's what makes us Wonderful!

Stuff we're asked about

How are you funded?

Every aspect of our operation is funded by our own corporate sponsors. This includes web development and hosting, customer service, accountancy and legal services, card processing fees, staff costs and office space. This ensures Wonderful charities receive every penny raised through the generosity of fundraisers and sponsors.

How can I get involved?

You can help in three ways: as a Fundraiser taking part in an event like a 5k run, swim or skydive; as a Sponsor who supports the activities of a Fundraiser; or by helping the Wonderful Organisation as a Corporate Sponsor (providing staff via secondment or assisting with accountancy, marketing or other business services).

How are you promoting this?

As we operate through the generosity of corporate sponsors, we're careful how we spend money. We have little to spend on marketing. With this in mind, we're immensely grateful for any help getting us out there. If you like what we're doing, please use your favourite social media sites to let your friends know! And if, for any reason you don't like what we're doing, please let us know.

In the words of Walt Disney...

"You can design, create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality." We need you to get behind this. Be wonderful.

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It's the most #wonderful feeling in the world, knowing you are loved and wanted.
~ Jayne Mansfield