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This month's featured charities:

Action for Sick Children

Action for Sick Children's mission is to ensure that healthcare in the UK meets the unique needs of all children, young people, their families / carers.

Here at Action for Sick Children we believe that children are special and have very different clinical needs from those of adults. The c…
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Friends of Dassett School

The Friends of The Dassett are a small group of volunteer parents who do amazing things to help raise much needed funds for our wonderful school. They use the money raised to help provide coaches for visits and experiences such as going to galleries, museums and the pantomime on alternate years. …
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The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer

The Chestnut Appeal raises funds to help men with prostate cancer & their families across Devon and Cornwall. The aim of the Chestnut Appeal is to: Increase awareness, fund specialist nurses and fund the latest treatments not available on the NHS.

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Super Spring & Summer Fundraising Events - Get Outdoors for Charity

Here in the UK we really do have to make the most of those warmer days, and as we move into May we're slowly starting to enjoy what spring has to offer. With the evenings getting lighter and the temperatures rising, we're seeing more and more opportunities to get active outdoors. But of course, t…
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Published by Elliot Green on 9th May 2017

How to Raise Money for Charity - A Quick Guide

Fundraising events are an extremely popular way in which to raise money for great causes. Though raising money for your favourite charity sounds like a great idea, their can also be a lot of work required in order to do so. But do not worry, here is a quick and easy guide, giving you a number of …
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Published by Elliot Green on 3rd May 2017

JustGiving Will Take an Estimated £1.25 Million Cut From London Marathon Charity Donations

Back in 2015, thousands of highly determined runners at the London Marathon generated £54.1 million for charity. It’s a tremendous amount of money that makes a huge difference in so many ways, and this Sunday’s event is expected to generate an even higher total. However, a signi…
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Published by Elliot Green on 21st Apr 2017

Why UK Charities Must Respect Donors' Personal Information

Recently, eleven charities were fined a total of £138,000 by the Information Commissioners Office, after they were found to have misused donors’ personal data. And these were not small charities who did not know better, or were scrambling for funds or exposure. They are eleven of the …
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Published by Elliot Green on 18th Apr 2017

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