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This month's featured charities:

The Parent House Trust

The Parent House was established in 2000. We operate from a small, welcoming house beside three social-housing estates in Kings Cross, Islington. We aim to tackle child poverty by supporting isolated vulnerable parents to overcome multiple barriers that prevent them from making progress. We help parents feel supported, valued and confident. We b…
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SHINE: Support and Help In Education

At SHINE we believe that education should be life's great opportunity. School can be a place where every child's talents and potential are recognised, regardless of their background. That's why SHINE develops and supports programmes to help level the playing field for all children. At primary school, we fund Saturday programmes that use hands-on…
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Young Minds Trust

The voice for young peoples mental health and wellbeing. Nearly 850,000 children and young people have a clinically significant mental health problem in the UK. YoungMinds is the UKs leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experience, YoungMinds creates change so that children and…
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What is Dry January? How (and Why) Can You Get Involved?

Dry January is a term trademarked by the charity Alcohol Concern, but it is a campaign espoused under different names by several other charities, too. The idea is a simple one: participants abstain from alcohol for a month.

But what's the rationale behind this practice? There are the obvio…
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Published by Kieron James on 6th Jan 2017

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM

It was a phrase heard frequently in the 70s, long before acronyms like 'ICT' became fashionable and at a time when those with responsibility for corporate computer budgets were understandably nervous. Buying from 'Big Blue' was the safe option.

Wind the clock forward forty years and we see charities routinely under fire about how much the…
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Published by Kieron James on 31st Oct 2016

Not all fundraising sites were created equal

Comparing apples with apples

All fundraising websites are the same, right? They all allow charities' supporters a means of creating fundraising pages and provide their sponsors with an easy way to donate. They all promote sharing on social media and they all prompt donors to check the Gift Aid box. What's more, they do all of this far m…
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Published by Kieron James on 21st Oct 2016

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