Guidance notes

Important information about fundraising safely and appropriately online.

Guidance Notes

Obligations of fundraisers

Before creating your fundraising page, there are a number of obligations we must bring to your attention. When you check the Guidance Notes confirmation box, you are confirming that:

  1. You have read and agree to the Guidance Notes of the Fundraising Regulator;
  2. You have read and agree to our supplementary Guidance below.

You can access the full Code of Fundraising Practice by following this link.

Donations are passed directly to registered charities:

Our platform only supports fundraising for registered charities. Every donation raised through your wonderful fundraising page is passed instantly and securely to your nominated charity's bank account. We do not offer a service for peer-to-peer or crowdfunding. On this basis, you acknowledge that funds received from your supporters will be passed in full to your nominated charity.

Specific charity appeals:

If you are raising money for a specific charity appeal, (for example, specifically for a new church roof, rather than for the church charity in general), you must:

  1. specify who is organising the appeal;
  2. contact the charity to ensure that they are happy to receive funds for the stated purpose, and that any money raised through Wonderful which exceeds any appeal targets set will be passed to the charity for its general use;
  3. Explain in the description of your fundraising activities that any money raised which exceeds targets for the specific appeal will be passed to the charity for general purposes (as this is the way in which Wonderful operates);
  4. if applicable, state what the overall appeal target will be (it may be a time target or a financial target).

Deductions for expenses:

If you are taking part in an event where the charity is covering some of your expenses, the amount designated for your own expenses must be stated in your fundraising activity description. This ensures your supporters know exactly how much the charity will receive to support its work and how much covers the expenses it must meet to enable you to fundraise.

An example might be an overseas expedition to raise money for a charity. You set a target of £5,000 on your fundraising page. In return for your fundraising efforts, the charity covers the cost of the expedition flights and accommodation. You must specify exactly how much the charity is contributing to your own expenses from the £5,000 which your supporters donate.

Your fundraising target:

The following text will be added automatically at the end of your fundraising activity description so that your supporters understand what happens if your target isn’t reached or if it is exceeded.

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.

Alternative donation methods

In meeting its regulatory obligations, Wonderful does not permit fundraisers or charities to display alternative payment details/methods anywhere on the website. If appropriate, you may mention that other donation methods are available, but these should always been accessed through the nominated charity's official website.

Offline fundraising:

We do not support offline fundraising on the Wonderful platform. You understand and agree that any offline fundraising activities you undertake to support activities described on your Wonderful fundraising page must also comply with the Code of Fundraising Practice.

If you have any questions about Wonderful’s fee-free model, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Helpdesk.
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