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About Relate Bradford & Leeds

Relate Bradford & Leeds is a small, passionate and ambitious specialist relationship charity, providing a range of systemic counselling services, supporting young children, young people, families, individuals and couples, for over 70 years.

We provide people with the breathing space where they can feel heard, valued, respected, understood and more in control of their feelings and of their lives. In other words, to help people cope with the pain they are experiencing.

At Relate Bradford & Leeds, we aim to develop and support healthy relationships. We deliver inclusive, high-quality counselling services that are relevant at every life stage, helping people to make relationships work better, by improving their understanding of relationships and what makes them flourish.

Why we do what we do 

Because the relationships we have with ourselves and others matter and good relationships help us all to live more fulfilled, healthier and happier lives. 


What we do 

  • As a caring counselling organisation, practicing systemically, we give you the time, space and support to explore relationships and help you see how you might be able to work through and overcome relationship challenges in order to move forward positively
  • We put you at the heart of all that we do, by providing a confidential, ethical and professional counselling service of the highest quality, exploring options, individually tailored to your current situation
  • We enable you to be more aware of feelings, to explore options and to improve coping skills
  • We work in partnership with others
  • We provide quality training and development opportunities for those looking to work with and support us
  • We endeavour to lead on our reputation, as pioneer leaders within the relationship counselling field


Our values, principles and behaviours 

  • We place kindness at our core and always strive to be respectful, supportive, professional, dependable and empowering
  • As a passionate, curious and creative organisation looking to the future, we endeavour to develop innovative and dynamic interventions, continually championing the importance of healthy relationships and the role they play in ensuring good mental health and wellbeing
  • With our partner organisations, we will be helpful, responsible, collaborative and dynamic 
  • To embrace a culture that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion

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