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Registered charity in England and Wales.

Charity number: 1020633​
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About Cardiff Mind Ltd

Cardiff Mind is a mental health charity originally constituted in June 1963, however, in March 1993 the company was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and in May of that year was again registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission.

We develop and deliver quality services to people experiencing mental distress, and we want to ensure that those who need the support of mental health services are provided with sufficient opportunity to engage with appropriate and diverse services, and also tackle accompanying factors that contribute to social exclusion.

Cardiff Mind promotes positive emotional wellbeing through empowering and supporting people to access opportunities to give them independence and quality of life.

Underlying the mission statement is our organisational values that influence the way in which our staff, volunteers and management committee work.

Our Values

  • Cardiff Mind will recognise that everyone’s personal experience of mental health has significance to them and should be recognised and respected as a valid experience for that individual.
  • Cardiff Mind will work with people by treating them as individuals treating them with dignity and respect and being sensitive to all of their experiences, beliefs, values, cultural, social and domestic responsibilities and particularly their aspirations.
  • Cardiff Mind will recognise and value difference, promote inclusion and equality of opportunity in all its work and will seek to remove obstacles that prevent individuals from fully participating in its activities.
  • Cardiff Mind will actively challenge discrimination and stigma wherever it is encountered and will promote the rights and responsibilities of individuals.
  • Cardiff Mind will welcome and actively encourage full participation by people who access our services to effect development and evaluation of services and the organisation.
  • Cardiff Mind believes everyone should have the opportunity to be heard and will encourage and support everyone to express their opinions.

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