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About The Seahorse Trust

Welcome to The Seahorse Trust's donations page

We hope you will be inspired by us, to learn more about and support us in conserving seahorses for generations to come.

We are a small, dedicated and world-leading charity for seahorses and the natural world, that reaches right around the globe.

We can only achieve what we do by working with others - and by working in partnership with nature. By taking this collective approach we can all make a difference. Please take a look at our website at

We hope you will find the site informative and understand more about the problems facing our natural world, especially seahorses; whether that is the loss of seagrass, the Traditional Medicine Trade, or the horrendous curio trade.

We'd also be thrilled to show you the new ecomoorings we've pioneered with BoatFolk at Studland Bay, Dorset in the UK.

Any donation you can make, large or small (with Gift Aid if you can) will help us

stop seahorses from going extinct within the next 20 years.

Thank you.

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