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About Launchpoint

·        The charity that supports individuals to develop gliding skills, by providing bursaries toward glider pilot training from beginner to advanced level.

The law allows fourteen year olds to fly solo in gliders after suitable training. The trust assists youngsters with the costs, believing that the disciplined environment benefits their maturation and social skills, widens their horizons and, of course, provides the thrill of flight and real personal achievement.

The training is done at recognised gliding clubs throughout the UK under the auspices of the British Gliding Association to whom the Civil Aviation Authority delegate the management and safety of fixed-wing glider flying.

The charity goes further by making grants to established pilots who seek after excellence in their performance and to pilots who want to learn how to pass on their enthusiasm by becoming instructors.

The charity has minimal costs since the administration is done by volunteers. All our funds come from donations supplemented by Gift Aid and we are most grateful for everything that comes our way,

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