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About Trust PA

Trust P-A Charity works to help fund the future repair of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) paralysis to enable a better future for all injured men, women & children.


In the UK daily 3-4 more people have serious accidents that result in a broken neck or back which causes Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) resulting in permanent paralysis. So life in a wheelchair & its cruel problems, a devastating future prospect. Over half of all incidents result from vehicle accidents – either; in, on or impacted by a car, bike or motorcycle, - others include slip/fall, work, recreation, diy, sport & military. The average age of SCI paralysed people is just 19years & 78% will be male.

Promising recent scientific developments have demonstrated positive future prospects with various phases already complete or underway. This project needs continued finance to become available through UK NHS Hospital A&E Departments.

Please join Trust PA in our work to achieve our Charity Aim  - to keep funding the trials and tests towards the completion of restorative treatments for SCI to benefit injured people’s lives. Be assured that at Trust PA we value every penny donated and enable all donations to support this stated Trust PA Charity aim in memory of Paul-André (P-A) Blundell who was inspired by this work to believe in a more positive future for himself.

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