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About Child of Hope

Child of Hope is a Christian charity producing a huge social impact for children living in poverty and their families in Eastern Uganda through free education, healthcare and welfare. All donations go to our work in the Namatala slum district of Mbale and get straight to work improving lives and communities. 

Child of Hope has built its own Nursery/ Primary School and Secondary School in the Namatala slum and supports some children at other local Vocational establishments. We provide free education, healthcare, food and clothing (and a lot more) to over 600 pupils from the poorest and most vulnerable families in the slum. 

Plus... we offer their families free social care, healthcare and numeracy/literacy training, business training and start-up grants – all designed to help them break the cycle of poverty in their lives. We also have a fostering programme to offer a home environment for some of the children who can't live with their own immediate or extended families. 

You can sponsor a child at our school for £15 per month – and receive letters, photos and school reports! 

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