Veterans at Ease

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Charity number: 1140832​
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About Veterans at Ease

We are a leading military mental health charity, providing bespoke psychotherapy to the men and women who, having served our country, are now struggling with their mental health. Our services support all three branches of HM Armed Forces and is open to serving military personnell (Regulars and Reservists) as well as Veterans and their immediate family members. We also support other uniformed emergency services, like the Police, Fire and NHS.

Although primarily based in the North East, we also have a physical presence in East Anglia and are able to help people across the UK.

Our therapists are Veterans themselves and most have come through their own issues so they fully understand the issues facing our beneficiaries. With around 40% of those engaging with us having considered suicide as a way out, our services really do Save a Veteran's Life.

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