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About Alridha Foundation

Alridha Foundation is an independent charitable organisation that runs projects and events relating to community engagement, education, research, advocacy, charitable aid, and heritage preservation. The Foundation through its projects emphasises the growing need of peaceful coexistence, religious and racial tolerance. As part of a multicultural, ethnic, and religious world, it aims to highlight the commonalities between communities, thus leading to increased tolerance and understanding.

The organisation has its headquarters in London, relies on self-funding projects, community support and donations to assist with our operating financial requirements. Alridha Foundation is a registered charity and welcomes any financial support to its projects including donations that can be added to the Gift Aid scheme (Charity Registration No. 1142811).

Since 2013, the Foundation has held Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and sends delegations to important conferences at the headquarters in New York throughout the year.

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