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About Findacure Foundation

Our vision in a world in which all rare diseases have treatments - made together with patients, for patients. 

Findacure is a UK charity that is building the rare disease community to drive research and develop treatments. We are here to transform the world's understanding of rare diseases and the devastating impact they have on people's lives. 

How are we achieving our vision? 

  • We transform the lives of people affected by rare diseases by working directly with patient support groups, giving them the skills to professionalise their work and the confidence to recognise their own expertise in their rare conditions.
  • We accelerate change in rare disease research and care by building a strong, supportive, and collaborative rare disease community that works for the benefit of all rare conditions. 

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Findacure is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales and a company limited by guarantee with Companies House.

Charity no.: 1149646 Company no.: 08174973

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