Asha North Staffordshire

Registered charity in England and Wales.

Charity number: 1176934​
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About Asha North Staffordshire

Asha is a charity formed in 2005 to help men, women and children seeking refuge from persecution. We actively promote social inclusion for asylum seekers and refugees.

Our experienced staff have wide experience of projects to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, excluded and discriminated members of the community.

Each year, Asha helps more than 900 different men and women from almost 50 different countries. On average, 160 people access our services each week.

Our vision | Giving help, planting hope

  • Our centre is a place where men, women and families seeking asylum are welcome and can find the support and help they need.
  • Our users are encouraged to become volunteers and co-workers in a collaborative enterprise which puts people first and promotes social integration.
  • We want our work with asylum seekers and refugees to seen by the wider community as contributing to its wellbeing.

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