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About Manna Society

The Manna Centre is open 7 days a week. Before Covid we offered sit in meals but due to the pandemic we are now offering takeaway meals, consisting of a hot dinner and a sandwich. At present we are providing approximately 120 meals per day. In addition to our takeaway meals, we are also providing clothing packages and two showers per day, four days a week. About one quarter of those using our services are rough sleepers, one quarter are living in hostels or staying with friends and the remaining 46% are in rented accommodation. 59% are in receipt of Social Security benefits whilst 34% have no income whatsoever – April 21 statistics.


From April 2020 we have been providing a telephone helpline offering housing and welfare advice. In addition to our telephone helpline, from 16th June 2020 we have been offering clients housing & welfare appointments once again at the centre itself. The client and the advice worker are in separate rooms and converse via laptops. Both advice services operate from Monday to Friday and assist approximately 130 clients per month. More information is available on our website -

We are dependent on voluntary donations to raise 75% of our annual £490,000 budget.

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