Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd

Registered charity in Scotland.

Charity number SC017786​
Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd
Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd
Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd
Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd
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About Puffin Hydrotherapy Pool Ltd

?The Puffin Pool is a charity dedicated to providing assessment and treatment for adults of all ages and children in the Highlands. We provide specialist hydrotherapy in our super warm, modern, well equipped facility in Dingwall. The facility is heated using 'green' energy is staffed by qualified lifeguards. User assessments are carried out by professional physiotherapists experienced in hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to speed up rehabilitation after injuries and operations and as part of self-care for painful long term conditions. If you have a painful or disabling condition affecting your joints, bones, muscles or neurological system, hydrotherapy might help.

We are a charity which is very dependent on the donations we receive to be able to continue to provide our services and appreciate any help that you can offer.

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