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Registered charity in Scotland.

Charity number: SC046926​
Life Seekers International
Life Seekers International
Life Seekers International
Life Seekers International
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About Life Seekers International

Welcome to Life Seekers International

A registered Scottish incorporated charity, Life Seekers International (SC046926), aims to raise funds to provide relief from Malaria and poverty in affected regions across the globe. Our primary focus is on children who are the most vulnerable.

Why children?

World Health Organisation states almost half the world’s population risk malaria with 214 million new cases every year, resulting in 500,000 deaths; mostly children, who can be infected up to 13 times each year.

In addition, the mosquito bite can be loaded with other dreaded infectious diseases including Yellow Fever, Zika Virus, Viral Meningitis, Dengue Virus and Encephalitis.

By distributing mosquito nets since 2000, an estimated 6.2 million deaths were prevented. In 2013, $2.7billion funded worldwide malaria control and elimination, representing only half the funds required to achieve it. (WHO, 2015)

We are here to help in this global push towards eliminating the devastating effects of this disease throughout the malaria-belt of the world. We do this through vector control by supplying long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). There is a big road ahead of us all and we would welcome your Support.

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