Mid Calder Children's Gala

Registered charity in Scotland.

Charity number SC046987​
Mid Calder Children's Gala
Mid Calder Children's Gala
Mid Calder Children's Gala
Mid Calder Children's Gala
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About Mid Calder Children's Gala

All monies raised goes towards a Gala week whereby the children of Mid Calder take centre stage. They enjoy different activities such as basketball, races etc. and the week culminates with the Gala day which enjoys a parade of the local children's organisations and a float for the Royal Court. The day ends with races and entertainment in our Gala Park. It is one day when the community comes together to celebrate the youth of our village. We work closely with the school and enjoy a good relationship with the Community council, councillors and local business.

We are a registered charity and totally funded by our fundraising and donations. The committee are all volunteers and have a network of friends who help out. Our fundraising is mostly local and comprises of small events.

#It’s all about the kids

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