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12 months.... 12 challenges.... you decide!

Challenge Leanne
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Leanne’s story


Fletcher’s Fund is my baby, in memory of my baby.

Fletcher died of cancer before his 2nd birthday, and Fletcher’s Fund is on a mission to help as many kids with cancer as possible in his memory.

And now, in the Fund’s fifth year, Fletcher’s mama is pledging to do daft things!

Now, I do have a history of doing daft things anyway, but this time you guys are in charge! Each month, we’ll give you the option of two challenges I could do, you vote and the winning option I will do within that month!

Simple right? Challenges and vote options will be posted to insta and Facebook every month, updates will be posted everywhere and we might even accept suggestions for future daft challenges!

so come and join us for a whole year of bonkers, daft challenges at my expense! There will be laughter.... there will be tears.... there will be lots of me questioning why I came up with this idea! Sounds fun!

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.

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Fletcher's Fund

Fletcher sadly died in March 2017 of a type of childhood cancer, so rare it did not even have a name. He was just about to turn 2 when he died.

He lives on, though, through his legacy, Fletcher's Fund. Our mission is to use art and play therapy to enable families to make memories together.

Since receiving official charitable status from the Charity Commission on 11 May 2017, we have made over 240 grants to families of children with cancer throughout England and Wales – over £24,000 made in charitable donations to these families. The families have used their grants for days out to zoos, country parks, photography shoots, to buy garden play equipment and even – one young man - to eat in a Michelin Star restaurant! The feedback from the families is wonderful, and we are reaching more and more families as awareness grows of Fletcher’s Fund.

The biggest project to date is Isolation Arts and Crafts Bags. Fletcher spent an awful lot of time in isolation in hospital, and upon founding the charity, we knew that we wanted to work with the Paediatric Oncology Wards to help support the provision of the play teams, who were vital to care Fletcher received.

The bags are full of age-appropriate Arts and Crafts items. The bags have a budget of £10 each and are split into 4 ages ranges and are packed with approximately 20 items. The idea is to provide Art Therapy to the child to alleviate boredom, and to be used a distraction tool whilst undergoing treatment. We also provide teenage bags, which are full of more grown up items, and some self items too. The teenage bags have a budget of £20.

We launched the bags in autumn 2017, and are now actively supplying bags to 7 paediatric oncology units in the north of England. To date we have donated over 2400 bags. 

The hope is to expand this project into other Paediatric Oncology Units until they are working in all 18 units in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fletcher’s Fund is a small charity – run by dedicated trustees and a small team of hardworking volunteers – all making up Team Fletcher. We have small overheads; and are committed to keeping overheads as low as possible and to be as transparent as possible. We are dedicated to spending every penny wisely and to giving every family they help they personal touch. Every family we help matters to Fletcher’s Fund, and we often go on to develop a long-lasting relationship with the family. We consistently go above and beyond to help and assist the families as much as possible.

We are a small charity, but we are mighty and have huge ambitions to help as many kids with cancer as possible throughout the whole of the UK, to really make a difference to every child with cancer, and to support all 18 paediatric oncology wards in the country. We also have plans to set up support groups, both face to face, and online to support the mental health of the families.

Every single penny matters to us, and we are incredibly appreciative and grateful for every amount of money that is donated, for all the donations we receive and all the support we get. 

Fletcher's Fund is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity number 1172985​.

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