Technology for everyone

Technology for everyone at Brookfield - PTA Summer Fundraiser

Technology for everyone
£2,695.00 donated
+£606.25 Gift Aid = £3,301.25
90% of £3,000.00 goal

Brookfield’s story


So Brookfield families and friends, we need your help!

The Covid winter homeschooling challenge highlighted that, across our school community, there aren't enough digital devices for all of Brookfield children for effective online learning.

Even with the Government's 'emergency response' delivery of a batch of Chromebooks, and with a £4,000 donation from the PTA, we don't yet have enough Chromebooks in the school to enable the teaching of technology skills to all of our students. Equal access to technology remains a priority goal for the school, led by Sus, Reception teacher and Head of Computing.

This summer term the PTA has a fundraising target of £3,000 to enable the school to purchase the remaining Chromebooks required to meet the goal of equality of access to technology. And because we remain limited in terms of events due to the social distancing regulations that remain in place, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to donate via this fundraising page.

Please share this link with grandparents, neighbours, friends - anyone who may wish to support Brookfield in being able to tech technology skills to all of our children.

Thank you. Please give as much as you can and let's see if we can reach the £1,000 milestone by May! We'll report progress in the newsletter throughout the summer term.

PLEASE NOTE: the payment process requires your bank to be part of Wonderful's network. If your bank is not listed and you want to donate, please email and we'll send you the PTA bank details (and a Gift Aid form).

All funds raised will be passed to the charity irrespective of whether my target is reached, not reached or exceeded.

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Brookfield Primary School Association

The Brookfield School Association is the PTA charity for Brookfield Primary. It exists to further the education and lives of all children at the school.

Brookfield Primary School Association is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity number 1007492​.

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