Euro 3 City Cycle

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Euro 3 City Cycle
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Nicky’s story

When my best friend was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in January 2008, I did not think in a million years it would affect my life the way it has. She died a year later in January 2009. Fast forward 13 years and here I am having started and running a charity aimed at helping people who are going through treatment for cancer to pay their bills. The same bills that come in month after month and yes still need to be paid. It took me 4 years after she died as I was absolutely broken to be able to do anything. I suffered from debilitating panic attacks and didn't think I would ever feel 'normal' again. But what is normal? I'm never going to be the same again am I? I've got this hole in my soul where it was ripped out when she died. But here I am happy, healthy and feeling as normal as I'm ever going to feel.

So yeah myself and my 2 trusty trustees run this awesome charity called Cost of Cancer and I'm doing this bike ride from London to Brussels in September this year, in the hope that you kind lot will help me get to my goal of £2,000. I know it sounds alot but we help people who are going through treatment pay bills like gas, electric, water, petrol to and from hospital, train fares, amongst other things.

Now what we aim to do is to help them for as long as they're going through treatment. We don't just give a 1 off payment, our aim is to support the families like I said through treatment. Our mantra is 'we can't make your hair grow back, or even make the cancer go away, but what we can do is to take away to burden of the household bills. So please do donate to me and make my day. Lots of Love Nicky xxx

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Cost of Cancer

We help those who are going through financial hardship paying the household bills whilst going through treatment for Cancer.

Cost of Cancer is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity number 1165956​.

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Official event

Euro City Cycle 2022

The Euro City Cycle Challenge is back for 2022!

Embark on a special 260 mile journey between London, Amsterdam, and Brussels, as you push yourself to the limit.

With a 4 day journey ahead, you have all the time you could ask for to enjoy the breathtaking sights that these beautiful cities have to offer.

There is no better opportunity to fundraise for a cause of your choice, challenge yourself like never before, and create memories along the way.

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Euro City Cycle 2022
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