The Great Ice Cream Challenge

Potters Alf 12 June 2022

The Great Ice Cream Challenge
£380.00 donated
+£71.25 Gift Aid = £451.25
253% of £150.00 goal

Ryn’s story

As a kid, isn’t one of the most exciting and happy memories that we all universally have, having an Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Van?

It was the day when your parents said yes you could have one, rather than the day when you heard the music and they said “that’s a shame they are playing the music as they have ran out of ice-cream.”

You would be knee high to a gnat looking up at the huge choice of ice-creams, watching in anticipation as your ice-cream was been made. The soft ice-cream swirling and filling the cone, on an extra special day there would be sprinkles, juice and a flake.

It’s one of those simple pleasures in life that we all love!

All of the Asylum Seeking and Refugee Families supported by Asha Charity live on an incredibly tight budget. They have many a trip to the park, as it’s a cheap day out. But the number of times they are able to queue up by the ice-cream van and experience having an ice-cream made especially for them are few and far between.

20th June is Refugee Week. This is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary.

Refugee Week’s vision is for refugees and asylum seekers to be able to live safely within inclusive and resilient communities, where they can continue to make a valuable contribution.

During the week Asha North Staffordshire holds a celebration event where we come together, share a meal and appreciate each other’s talents. There is music, singing, dance and laughter.

This is a really important event that offers a sense of hope and community for people that have and continue to have extreme mental pressures due to the circumstances they find themselves in.

No one takes the decision lightly to leaves behind their home country, family and friends. Often taking incredibly risky journeys and never knowing if it will be safe to return.

We have not been able to hold the event for the past two years and we have never been able to have an Ice-cream Van visit the celebration.

We would like this year to be a little different. If we are able to raise £150 towards the cost of the Ice-creams, magic will happen. The Ice-cream Van will come and provide Ice-creams for the Asha children and their families.

As I have only recently asked for sponsorship for completing my first Marathon I pinkie promise that if we can hit the target of £150 I will not ask for sponsorship for anything else this side of 2023.

I will be running the #Potters Alf Marathon on the 12th June. If you are able to sponsor me for the tootle around Stoke it will be really appreciated! All sponsorship will go towards these kids getting an Ice Cream at the Asha Refugee Week Celebration.

If for any reason the target is not met the funds raised will go towards materials needed to run children activities at Asha.

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Asha North Staffordshire

Asha is a charity formed in 2005 to help men, women and children seeking refuge from persecution. We actively promote social inclusion for asylum seekers and refugees.

Our experienced staff have wide experience of projects to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, excluded and discriminated members of the community.

Each year, Asha helps more than 900 different men and women from almost 50 different countries. On average, 160 people access our services each week.

Our vision | Giving help, planting hope

  • Our centre is a place where men, women and families seeking asylum are welcome and can find the support and help they need.
  • Our users are encouraged to become volunteers and co-workers in a collaborative enterprise which puts people first and promotes social integration.
  • We want our work with asylum seekers and refugees to seen by the wider community as contributing to its wellbeing.

Asha North Staffordshire is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity number 1176934​. Company no1176934.

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